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If you want to request something: Please comment in this journal. I'll try and do it when I can but I only make stamps every now and then.

Came here to request a stamp?

Here's some guidelines:
  • If you're requesting an LGBTQ+ Identification stamp, I will need a flag design. Can't make it without one. You can find these flags over on Pride-Flags.
  • All stamps will be made to fit my stamp style.
  • I will not do extremely specific LGBTQ+ Identification stamps, for example; combining both sexual and romantic terms (i.e. panromantic-asexual) This is simply due to space limitations for words.
  • I will not make specific personalised stamps. Sorry!
  • I don't make flags. I just make stamps.
Please note that I may not accept all stamp requests.
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Shiro3636's avatar

can you make a demifloren stamp? :)

Spongeboblesavage's avatar

make an aroace stamp

UglyPerson123's avatar

Trans Flag or Non-binary flag or Pansexual flag. I am all of them

neekoshi's avatar

the cupioromantic flag has been updated !! :0 could you possibly make a new version of it,,?

RegularArtGirl's avatar

Do you think you could make a stamp for neurodivergents?

I found this for reference if that helps:

latest (300×200) (

mariellaskyealt's avatar

Can you make a bi genderfluid stamp?

Genderfluid Bisexual Combo Flag

click on the picture

also write bi/gender-fluid, thanks!

softmilkcandy's avatar

can you please make a femme bisexual stamp? here's the best flag :]

MI0DAS's avatar
do you think you could the general mogai flag?
xXEmpressAriesXx's avatar
Can you make an alterous attraction stamp? With just "alterous" on it? This is the flag.

Alterous (1) by Pride-Flags
KyloDraws's avatar
Could you make a stamp for ambiamory?

Ambiamory: Comfort in both monogamous and polyamorous relationships, with no preference for one over the other.

Chiktori's avatar
Can you make a straight ally stamp? Thanks a lot!…
StarstruckByATruck's avatar
Since you've already done a doe bisexual stamp, you should do a stag one.

Here's a flag for it, along with doe and tomcat.
FritzyFry's avatar
i would love a ve/vim pronoun stamp bfhfjd... ;▿;
V0IDSPACER's avatar
Could I request the oriented aroace flag? ^u^ Thank you so much!!
(Maybe one that says 'gay aroace' on it if possible? not necessary tho!)

Oriented Aroace by V0IDSPACER

kozimic's avatar
are you able to make a stamp for homoflexible like this  Homoflexible (Pansexual) Stamp by sunbirds  but with the lesbian flag instead of the gay flag?
Could you do the QPOC flag? 
Philadelphia Gay Pride by Pride-Flags

additionally, would it be possible to make a pronoun stamp that says xe/xem? if not that's ok! 
[general colors could lean more towards dark grey/black :0c] 
thank you! 
sunbirds's avatar
thank you!! :3 
kozimic's avatar
could you make an updated vers of this  Homoflexible (Straight) Stamp by sunbirds  but with the new lesbian flag?
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murdercult's avatar
Could you do a pronouns stamp that says 'neopronouns'?
sunbirds's avatar
murdercult's avatar
Supurreme's avatar
would u possibly do a nonbinary lesbian stamp? i rly love your stamp style and id love a matching one to go with my other stamps from u! the flag is here:…
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