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Kuroshitsuji: Clown and Tamer

Series: 黒執事 Kuroshitsuji
Noah's Ark Circus

:iconsunandpuppet: as Joker
:iconchampagne-meat: as Beast

Photo by :iconxkaonslaught:
Edit by :iconchampagne-meat:

Taken at Comic Fiesta 2010 (Day 2)
Noah's Ark Circus members:
:iconenigmaticwind: as Smile/Ciel Phantomhive
:iconraistlin03: as Black/Sebastian Michaelis
:iconolafyen: as Dagger
:iconsmokeswirls: as Snake
:iconayatenshi: as Peter
:iconteruteru-bozu: as Wendy
:iconastellecia: as Doll

thanks to the other two photographers - :iconheroinekpk: :icongarion:

costume help:
:iconolafyen: :iconmintochuu: :iconsmokeswirls: Jiayi

my eyes make up: :iconkeromilk:

yay finally a shot with my smexy beast~

need to thank so many people here.
First, thanks to :iconolafyen:, for being so supportive and believing in me.
Next, thanks to our dearest team mates from Singapore :iconraistlin03: :iconayatenshi: and :iconastellecia: for coming all the way from Singapore to complete our team. (^.^)b
it makes me so happy to join this team, even though it was just a few hours showing up in the event =D
hoping that we can work with u guys again in some other time. ^^

i think my costume wasn't neat enough in this debut. i will improve this in the coming photoshoot =)

+ Welcome to the Circus +
.:Lights go on again:.
Kuroshitsuji: Devil's Advocate
Kuroshitsuji: Clown and Tamer
Kuroshitsuji: Joker
Kuroshitsuji: Beast
Kuroshitsuji: Snake
Kuroshitsuji: Snake 2
Kuroshitsuji: Dagger
Kuroshitsuji: Circus Rose
Kuroshitsuji: Flying Blanco
Kuroshitsuji: Flying Troupe
Kuroshitsuji: Show Business
Come with us to Neverland
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lovelysamsoon's avatar
If these characters were real this is what they would look like! I absolutely love it! Love! Love!
PharoahArch's avatar
Bun800's avatar
I don't know if you dyed your hair or not, but I love the color and this cosplay a lot! It looks really fantastic :heart:
Aarri2129's avatar
Your Joker cosplay is gorgeous! :heart: You guys look so perfect! >w< Wonderful job!!
If I might ask, how the heck did you style your wig? It's so awesome!
Mushroom-Corner's avatar
can i ask you a question! are your eare really pierced or are those ear rings the clip on ones???
~ Plank
sunandpuppet's avatar
i do have piercing but not that many, and yes they're clip-on ear rings. =p
AuraDrocell's avatar
arthurcrossplay's avatar
AAAAH Joker *-* I love him! Awesome cosplay >//<
Little-kaiyou-Kame's avatar
I looked through your gallery, these 2 pictures of Joker are the best :) :heart:
I didn't believe you were a guy til I saw the rest of your cosplays lol
sunandpuppet's avatar
gahahaha~~ i look girly in longer wigs =P thanks for ur compliment =)
Little-kaiyou-Kame's avatar
hahah not really, ironically you just look like a girl cosplayer who is good at doing male characters. LOL! (meaning a boyish lookin girl? heh)
Anyway I see you're from msia? ah so coool~ I've only been to Comic Fiesta once :) Do you come to Singapore for the conventions here?
sunandpuppet's avatar
rarely but i've been to AFA once. i usually cosplay in Comic Fiesta, not so active in conventions =P
Little-kaiyou-Kame's avatar
Ooohhh ok.. I'm always at the artist booths :P
So I guess you won't be coming for the Cosfest/Comics World event this weekend?
DruellaBlackRosier's avatar
Amazing<3 You're one of the best Jokers out there~! ;D And Beast is really pretty too. :3
sunandpuppet's avatar
thank you so much
n1njap1rate's avatar
Woww, you both look fantastic! *_*
EvenElement's avatar
This is so fabulous~ :iconblushyplz:
sunandpuppet's avatar
thanks. that means a lot ^^
MissingUsername's avatar
Both stunning cosplays!
sunandpuppet's avatar
thank you so much
AngelBridget's avatar
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