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New fanart! n_n
I love Lucy from Elfen Lied, but the episode where her puppy was killed made me really sad T_T I was thinking about this episode some days ago and I came up with this idea...

What if she had saved her dog? What if she had killed those kids before they could hurt him? Well, Lucy and he would probably still be friends n.n

Hope you like it! ^w^


Nuevo fanart n_n
Adoro a Lucy de Elfen Lied, pero el episodio en donde matarona su cachorro me puso muy triste T_T Estuve pensando en ese episodio unos días atrás y se me ocurrió esta idea...

¿Y si ella hubiese salvado al perrito? ¿Y si ella hubiese matado a los niños antes de que ellos pudiesen lastimarlo? Bueno, Lucy y él seguirían siendo amigos n.n

Espero les guste ^w^

[UPDATE 29/06/14] I changed a few things, I think it lookes a little better now :P
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It’s kinda funny, but this really did happen in a fanfic crossover with Transformers G1. It happened when the Great War between the Autobots & the Decepticons, pick up a strange energy vortex that was a portal to the world of Elfen Lied. Because of it. They prevent Lucy’s dog from being killed in front of her. While saving the poor girl & the only friend she had. Optimus Prime did what any hero would do at these dark times. He, Bumblebee, & the other Autobots took Lucy into their care, raising her as one of their own. Meaning she won’t had to be alone & fear by most people. Kohta wouldn’t had to be traumatized over the deaths of both his father & sister. While making what made Elfen Lied scary & dark, into a Sci-fi, Drama, Action Adventure. Which also included a multiverse of Transformers. The story is called Vectors & Vector Sigma. It’s actually an alternate version of G1.