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September 4, 2004
Vespa Girl ala Mucha by ~sun2197 is a wonderfully colored and stylized vector deviation. Check out this wonderful artist’s gallery.
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Vespa Girl ala Mucha

the flowery background was traced from one of Mucha's artwork, the girl and the scooter was traced from an image i found from (i think) google. the bottom part is sorta made up...

took me a while to get this done... whew.

edit: thanks to ~Kalfireth, this is the reference pic: [link]
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Cauchemar en cuisine 
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<3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!! Totally love this!!!!
Beautiful! You may be interested in this contest: [link]
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could someone please tell me the type of flower drawn there in the circle frame please!!!! it would be of great help!! thank you!!
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Love it, great job!
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This is lovely! I heard from Mucha only couple of months ago but I instantly fell in love with his style!
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Love the style and the colors.
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Exelent!!!! Is some of Art Noveau. I love this!
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you know what is really funny..I just looked up some informations about mucha and art nouveau and found your picture. As far as I can see you combined mucha work with anime style stuff right? (really nice by the way)
And I found that espacially mucha and most french art nouveau artist where influences enourmously by japanese Edo-Art of that time -so by japonism. Did you know that and did it on pourpose or was it just own creativity?
Thats like japanese art fought its way back to its roots by you --great ;-) Thanks
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this is Vespatastic, love the composition!
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flcl!!!!!! ftw
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Mucha is one of my fav artists! :dance:
and your work is wonderful! :hug:
keep it up!
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Ahh I love this piece
I am a sucker for anything Mucha and I love your modern take on this classic design
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Oh Wow! I would love to have a poster of that, it's so awesome!
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This is really lovely!
Reminds me of FLCL!!!
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