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Historical Fiction Workshop
Official Post Time for the upcoming Historical Fiction Workshop. Please, guys, do me a favor and "sign up" - it isn´t as though we have limited spaces, but I'd like an advance idea of how many people we're going to have, even if they are only maybes. What is it?: A 5 week long workshop on historical fiction, complete with exercises and resource guides. Who can join?: Anyone. There is no experience requirement nor limited space. Please understand that our ability to help in languages other than English is limited, but if your native language is not English and you want to join, note me and we will see what we can work out. When is it?
How to 'Proofread' your Art
Community Week Ever feel like there's something wrong with your art, but you just can't identify what? Here are some surprisingly simple tricks that you should do throughout painting that will help you easily 'proof read' your art for mistakes and issues: Check your values If you're painting a picture in colour, this technique is really helpful. Values are important in a painting to give a 3-D feel and to make the painting not feel flat. 'Value' is how light or dark a colour is. It's often hard to tell the value of a colour as colours can easily trick your eyes into thinking they're lighter or darker than they actually are. For example, t
Need faces?
We've already had "Need references?" and "Need textures?", time for something else. This actually is about references again, but about these more specified ones. Emotions. How many times have you wondered why is that the faces you draw look as empty as dead? Depicting moods can be a very hard task. Try sketching yourself (yes, a mirror would be a nice thing to have in this case), pull faces at diffrent angles, change light. And take a look at these below. Compare. :thumb291263849::thumb47118559::thumb290017474: :thumb192886537::thumb213338815::thumb319939028::thumb253559078: :thumb283987348::thumb50707479::thumb181134694::thumb134090870::th
How To Be A Productive Writer
How To Be A Productive Writer You know the type: the writer who submits something new everyday, who floods your inbox with new poems and prose pieces that they somehow had time to write since the last time you logged in to dA. How do they do it? Are there more than 24 hours in their day? Do they have chunks of spare time that you don't? Super discipline? Magic powers? It may seem like a strange and mystical phenomenon, but believe it or not, that person is probably just as busy as you are. Even more unbelievable: you can become that person, too. It doesn't take magic powers or a high tolerance to lack of sleep or loads of spare time, but it
PE: 5 reasons to believe in yourself
Success is not a measure of how much money you earn or how popular you are, rather, it is being able to find your passion - one that makes you happy and ultimately, one that you would be happy to leave as your legacy. To make a step forward to reach your dream takes smarts and guts but why couldn't you? Here is five reasons why you can. :bulletpurple: 1. Everyone was born equal More-less, this is true, some people are born more challenged than others but we all possess skills and ability to learn. It is possible to build something out of nothing if we really want to. It all comes down to our preferences and decisions. "Nobody can make you
The Breaking Point: End-stopping and Enjambment
Introduction The most noticeable difference between poetry and prose is often the use of line breaks in poetry. When the line break comes at the end of a phrase, sentence, or clause, the line is end-stopped. End-stopped lines often end with punctuation like periods/full stops, commas, semi-colons, and colons. When the line break disrupts the phrase, sentence, or clause, the line is enjambed. The French word enjambement, from which 'enjambment' is derived, means 'straddling,' and appropriately, the phrases straddle two or more lines. End-Stopping The first four lines of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18" are an example of end-sto
Be An Active Watchee
    We all want active watchers; people that comment on our deviations and add them to their favorites. That get involved in whatever projects we have going on, polls we post or anything else. Active watchers are awesome and we're lucky to have them. But are you an active watchee?    Some people return watches, some people don't. However you do it, a big key to have active watchers for most of us is to be active in return! But what is an active watchee?    Being an active watchee isn't really that hard, it's just boils down to being involved with your watchers and being part of their deviantART experience too. They watched you for whateve
365 Days... Mindful Meditation of Daily Drawings
  Watch depthRADIUS Share |About|Previous Journal   365   Days of Doodles   Mindful Meditation of Daily Drawing   Foreword by techgnotic ( Gabriel Picolo is a graphic design student in Brazil who has provided at least two people—me and himself—a most compelling reason for getting out of bed every morning in 2014.  He calls it the 365 Days of Doodles Project, for which he creates, each day, one of his wildly imaginative pencil sketch and ink drawings (quite a bit more elevated than a “doodle”—more like a free-flowing meditation). Gabriel’s “doodles” often situate child characters intera
Landscape Feature
>> Next theme: Sci-fi *** This feature also goes for a contest of projecteducate   ///but this is not specially made for it - this is firstly for my feature project and after that I entering the contest C:
PE: Shading Emotes
Shading Emotes 'Ello there! If you've been on any social media site, you most likely in one form or another have used an emoticon. An emoticon is an icon that expresses emotion. Such as :) :D =P Emotes are an easy way to express yourself and I'm going to teach you how to shade some. :dummy: Almost all emotes are sized to be 15x15 (unless you are making a larger one; tutorial by IceXDragon ( described here). You can use lots of programs to make them. I use MS Paint to make my emotes because I believe it's the easiest to control but you can use whatever you like. :la: An emote's outline will look like this (You can use it if you want. :giggl
Six by Six Collaboration Project: Results!
#SixWordStories ( For the month of February, I threw together groups of six people, each writer directed to write a six word story that flowed into the next, giving us six lines, six words per line, for a grand total of thirty-six words. It can be very hard to write a story with actual characters and progression on any theme in so few words, let alone have each line tell its own story and continue in the next line, but I think our groups did well! The theme for all the groups was Happiness, but each group had a smaller theme within that to focus on. From there they brainstormed as a group, picking the focus of their story however they li
Interviewing Maja Wronska (takmaj)
Interviewing Maja Wronska (takmaj ( You're a freshly graduated architect, am I correct? When did you realize for the first time that this is something you want to do with your life? Yes, you are – I’m very happy about it. Well, to be honest, it all started when I was just a baby. My mom is an architect, she never forced me to be one, but, well, I just get some of her passion in my blood. When I was a kid, she let me color drawing designs of facades, and sometimes she showed those drawings to actual clients! I was so proud when she wasn’t ashamed of my drawings and I have to say that I was only 5 years old. In addition,
Know this
You are perfect. Everything about you as you are. You may want to improve, but your existence is absolute and you must respect it. We're all a creation of the Universe, and to hate yourself is too disrespect life. We're always wanting more, wanting what's better...when we have all we need at our fingertips, we just have to hold on. Life is messy, it's painful and sad, but only because it's blissful and beautiful. Do not feel discouraged by life's obstacles... they're there for a reason, and we usually don't realise it until it's in the past. Just smile, that's a nice step one. Look around and see the beauty even in the ugly, because every
Fella's ArtFest: February 2014 Winners!
:fella: Entries The theme for February's ArtFest was Bloom. The following are all the entries for this month: :bigthumb434409230: :bigthumb434149960: :bigthumb432001905: :bigthumb431480060: :bigthumb435410124: :fella: Winners :star: First Place goes to 4themindandsoul (! :clap: They've won a 6 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! :star: Second Place goes to deano-m (! :clap: They've won a 3 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! :star: Third Place goes to sun-lily (! :clap: They've won a 1 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! Prizes courtesy of deviantART, Inc. Stay tuned for next month's ArtFest! There are lovely prizes to be won!
Numbers - Collaborative Poem
This poem is a collaborative piece and all contributors have been credited. If you wish to take part and include your contribution, please post your work in the comments section of the poem (below). :thumb435067169: ~Caylee-Slansen ( Weight, height, age, size, These numbers can dictate our lives. :iconSmileyTsalmavet: Intelligence, wealth, rank, power, These numbers can destroy our lives :iconFintonStack: Tall, Short, Man or Woman, These are things that make us human. :iconEngghaen: Seven, ten, or twenty-four, Pounds, euros, feet, inch, name some more. :iconXxFlameFrost101xX: Twisting burning, turning, drop. Increasing numbers
PE: ARTIST TOOLBOX: Water-based Media!
Waterbased Media! I love water-based media! What is “waterbased media” you say? Well that would be any kind of water-soluble ink or paint! There are many advantages to working with water-based media, the main one being that many water-based paints and inks are not extremely dangerous to work with (in comparison to oils which are not good to get on your hands people…wear gloves!), there is no need for special clean up or a specific work environment (on that note, please PLEASE do not paint with oils in your living room).  Another advantage to working with water-based media is quick drying times. This is a pro especially if y
The Artist's Toolbox - Working with References
The Artist's Toolbox - Working with References I can draw anything... as long as I get to look at it. There is a great myth that drawing is a memory exercise. That if you can draw entirely from memory it makes you a better artist who deserves more kudos. Of course the study of drawing will lead to a good memory of the things you've already studied how to draw, humans, animals, whatever it is that you love to draw. But the downfall of this is that you can restrict yourself to only drawing what it is you have studied how to draw, ie what you've memorised. Using reference is not a weakness! It is a strength and almost all top level artists u
character design truth!
my husband showed me this just a minute ago, and i just HAD to share. THIS!! THIS IS THE TRUTH! if you want to create an interesting picture, give your character a soul, put him or her into the surroundings, and see the situation that comes out of it.
PE: The power of context
A picture is indeed "worth a thousand words", a complex idea can be conveyed with a single still image. This quote also characterizes one of the main goals of visualizations, namely making it possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly. In our perception of artworks we see every day, some get closer to our hearts than others. Imagine a painting, strong and powerful, technique showing an experienced, steady hand, needing nothing but a pair of eyes to enter one's sensitive soul. Are you satisfied with what you see? I wouldn't count on that, but I would be quite sure that after a while your head fills with numerous questions. On the contra
Fella's ArtFest: February 2014
:fella: Theme: BLOOM Create an original deviation following the theme "bloom." Use your imagination! Perhaps you're fond of a blooming flower in your yard; why not capture it with a photo? If photography isn't your forte, illustrate it for us! Remember that all media are welcome in this contest. :) :star: Prizes The prizes for Fella's ArtFest are courtesy of deviantART and are as follows: :bulletgreen: First Place will receive a 6 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! :bulletgreen: Second Place will receive a 3 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! :bulletgreen: Third Place will receive a 1 Month Premium Membership to deviantART! :fell
PE Prose Basics: Varying Sentences
Varying Your Sentences When I was in college, I took an early morning Anthropology class. I had to wake up at five to catch the bus. Ugh. Yeah, I'm not a morning person. But I did it. The first day, our instructor stood before us and starting reading from the textbook. Word for word. Completely monotone. I was asleep within ten minutes. The rest of the week was the same; arrive, begin listening to the instructor, pass out. I had to drop the class and get whatever refund I could, while I could. It was my worse class experience there. Most people know that in public speaking, the person talking needs to vary their tone and speech patterns and s
Traditional art techniques
Traditional art techniques I Traditional Art Week continues! This article will give you a brief overview of most commonly used physical media techniques and their characteristics, featuring beautiful examples found all over DeviantArt and tutorials. I sincerely hope this will get you inspired to try something new and experiment, why not pick a tutorial and see what you learn! Don't forget, whilst techniques has their own regulations and principles, they still can be combined, you have to be no wizard (just a little creative) to find a new way to express yourself through them. Let's take a look 1. Drawing media Drawing is one of the major f
PE Prose Basics: Revise and Edit
Prose Basics Week is winding down now and hopefully you've learned a lot from the brilliant past articles. But, there's more to writing than just getting that first draft done, isn't there? That's where the next big crucial step comes in: revision. The Art of Revising: Revision is such a huge topic to cover, especially since there are many ways to go about it. You can do self-edits, which always are a good first step, or you can get outside revisions from peers. Both are good ideas to really get your work to be top notch. But, the big thing to remember is that there's more to just editing your work than cleaning up a few spelling and gramma
Title Poetry Contest [winners]
Winners Honestly; every contest seems like it's harder and harder to judge :faint: but after a LOT of reading and re-reading, power outages and more reading I can finally announce the winners!!! 1st place: dietcocaine ( with lost, but never found see more of her work here 2nd Place: SilverInkblot ( with The sound of an approaching train read more of her work here 3rd Place: GuinevereToGwen ( with The End of Our Story you can find more of her work here Honorable Mentions: saltwaterlungs ( | RoseScarlet ( & Time-Signature ( Since I didn't know we were having honorable mentions, you will each receive 50 points! What is Title Poetry  
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