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Sapphira-Adi Prize by sun-lily Sapphira-Adi Prize :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 0 1
Lupin the hero
Magnifecent wolf of the race of Droon,
Lupin an heroic scientist,
From whence he came,
A far off dimesnison,
Now he is here,
In Pokemon world,
His duty is in transformation,
At Eclipse Network,
To police all the mulitdes,
From all the universes,
He lives and seeks for joy and fun,
Many skills he holds such as,
Fighting with weapons from,
Old style swords that are made just for him,
To new age guns,
A master of space filled with knowledge,
Lupin seeks to make sure Helix the rouge,
Doesn't impend doom onto the universes,
With Lupa on his side he will fight to the end,
For he wants to keep the Pokémon World,
And his lab of genetic transformation safe,
Though obstacles may come he will not stop,
With passion and friends he will persevere,
To defeat a villain whose rage is unfound,
Oh Lupin of Droon will prevail with power,
And become anew with knowledge,
Through changing the universes forever,
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 0 0
Addriena Icon OC by sun-lily Addriena Icon OC :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 1 2
Pitter of the drops
The pitter-pattering of the rainfall,
 dancing on the frosty glass, irritated me.
It forced me to remember times.
Back when I was with you,
The day we met, it was pouring.
You had forgotten your umbrella.
The collision of heads left us,
fumbling for words.
By fate we headed the same way,
To the cozy café.
It seems insane to think, what had come of,
One little coincidence.
Closer we came, to each other in love.
The window against my head,
Makes me sink to an all time low.
How you left for a week.
To never return.
I told you not to go, the news warned,
Of an approaching hurricane.
You wouldn’t listen, now I am here.
Alone and afraid,
Of letting someone into,
my heart’s vacancy.
I’m to afraid to love,
To worried to let go.
The rain’s cacophony,
reminds me
of you.
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 5 3
Owl of gloom

The wisest bird keeps its nightly dwell,
Forest deep in darkness gloom little din,
Nearby is one, a weak man who is unwell,
He is sick, crazy, and only drinks gin.
“Look, up there! A brilliant owl, so proud.
“With dark-colored feathers and so fluffy.”
Hoo, Hoo, sounds occur resonant, so loud.
“When an owl sounds, one will die someone scruffy.”
“I am old and close to death, I remiss.”
He waved good-bye for the owl to regard.
“Oh! beautiful night, I will dearly miss.”
He seemed distraught but became on wary guard.
The man closed his eyes, never to open them again.
The owl hoo one last time then flew into a glen.
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 2 2
Peter Pan Youth by sun-lily Peter Pan Youth :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 2 1
The blazing light illuminates the night,
guiding ships through gloomy nights,
strong and tall it stands on the rocks,
never failing to show hidden dangers,
lighthouse keeper always faithful,
always a symbol of love and devotion,
a mother to ships and boats,
Today is the day of all mothers,
who cared and guided,
who taught the ways of life,
who stood and became a constant beason,
mothers who brought their children home,
Like lighthouses bring ships to harbor,
Happy Mother's Day!
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 4 5
Book Review: My Name is Mary Sutter
    I recently read Robin Oliveria's book My Name is Mary Sutter, a historical fiction novel that is both drama and adventure. This story details the life of Mary Sutter a young lady who longs to become a doctor, it progresses her journey during the Civil War. Mary Sutter is a midwife passed down by her mother. The beginning revolves on Mary's struggles to become a doctor and her envy of her sister's lover Thomas who used to be Mary's lover.
    Throughout the story there are many characters each distinct with different personalities. The novel combines real characters and events to make a realistic glimpse into the lives of people during the civil war. Interestingly the chapters switch perspectives providing views from the different characters. This was the first novel I read where I started tearing up due to the amazing immersion making the story seem so real.        The character are all relatable as none of them are perfect each had
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 0 0
Hey! Take a break.
Stop for a second and take a break.
Just relax don't think about then, think about now.
Let everything fly free.
Throw Caution to the wind and just be with me.
There may be no need for words.
or anything at all.
Sometimes I just need a presence near me.
Not hovering or busy, just steady and resting.
When you feel bunched up I feel it with you.
Let it go.
Say you will.
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 3 7
Ocean Life by sun-lily Ocean Life :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 1 1 Disney Doodle by sun-lily Disney Doodle :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 5 1
President's Day
Proud and true,
For you nation,
And it's leaders,
That shaped the past,
Today and the future,
That make your life,
Protected and privileged,
Be grateful for,
Their good deeds,
On President's day.
:iconsun-lily:sun-lily 1 1
Blooming Doodle by sun-lily Blooming Doodle :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 4 1 Ink Dragon by sun-lily Ink Dragon :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 1 1 Lilac Shine by sun-lily Lilac Shine :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 3 10 Under the Ocean by sun-lily Under the Ocean :iconsun-lily:sun-lily 1 2


Daily Comic 288 by nellucnhoj Daily Comic 288 :iconnellucnhoj:nellucnhoj 25 3 so somebody gave me a ballpoint pen by Men-dont-scream so somebody gave me a ballpoint pen :iconmen-dont-scream:Men-dont-scream 281 49 They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard by Ry-Spirit They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 2,240 128 Very old meets very small by sandas04 Very old meets very small :iconsandas04:sandas04 2,871 558
Historical Fiction Workshop
Official Post Time for the upcoming Historical Fiction Workshop.
Please, guys, do me a favor and "sign up" - it isn´t as though we have limited spaces, but I'd like an advance idea of how many people we're going to have, even if they are only maybes.
What is it?: A 5 week long workshop on historical fiction, complete with exercises and resource guides.
Who can join?: Anyone. There is no experience requirement nor limited space. Please understand that our ability to help in languages other than English is limited, but if your native language is not English and you want to join, note me and we will see what we can work out.
When is it?: August 3rd to September 7th.
What's the goal here?: To have each participant end up with one finished, edited short story.
Who's driving this crazy train?: doughboycafe and VFreie If you have no idea who we are or what makes us anywhere near qualified to run this, more info closer to the date.
What is t
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 18 63
Everything You've Learned About Writing is a Lie
Literature Basics Week
Okay, so maybe not everything. But there's a lot of stuff that I remember learning in middle and high school that turned out to not actually work for me -- or for pretty much anybody -- as a writer.  I'm hoping that if I can lay these lies out for you, we cans turn it around and unlearn some of these bad habits. Because, man, nothing says "noob" like practicing some of these frequently-taught faux pas.
Lie #1: Be super duper descriptive!

Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking. Descriptive language is good, right? You want your reader to know what you're talking about, and to be able to see, smell it, hear it, touch it, taste it the way you do in your head. The problem is that, when it comes to description, a little bit goes a long
:iconpinkymccoversong:PinkyMcCoversong 342 530
Battle the gallic war by VincentPompetti Battle the gallic war :iconvincentpompetti:VincentPompetti 122 67 Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda by Badashh Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda :iconbadashh:Badashh 143 112 Plan B - leader by Rarachovna Plan B - leader :iconrarachovna:Rarachovna 19 7 A Match Made In Heaven by bedowynn A Match Made In Heaven :iconbedowynn:bedowynn 6 1 Chick Magnet by bedowynn Chick Magnet :iconbedowynn:bedowynn 5 2 Onion Knights by bedowynn Onion Knights :iconbedowynn:bedowynn 7 1
How to 'Proofread' your Art
Community Week
Ever feel like there's something wrong with your art, but you just can't identify what?
Here are some surprisingly simple tricks that you should do throughout painting that will help you easily 'proof read' your art for mistakes and issues:
Check your values
If you're painting a picture in colour, this technique is really helpful. Values are important in a painting to give a 3-D feel and to make the painting not feel flat. 'Value' is how light or dark a colour is. It's often hard to tell the value of a colour as colours can easily trick your eyes into thinking they're lighter or darker than they actually are.
For example, take a look at these two colours:
Which is darker? The blue probably appears to be. However, when we make the image greyscale (take away the colours), you'll see that the values of the colours are almost identical. 
Oh noes! :noes: How do I prevent myself from being tricked? Check your
:iconmeiyue:meiyue 319 128
Grandma's Homicide FFM13
The policeman slams his fists onto the table and demands, “Why is there a dead body in your closet when you claim you didn’t do it?”
I look at him calmly. “That’s a tough one. Ask me a different question; I’m not sure myself.”
The female cop touches the other’s shoulder and he sits. She asks, “Where were you the night Edward Hopper went missing?”
I smile. “Edward Hopper! So that’s his name. Poor man, it’s horrendous.”
She stares at me, waiting for my answer. I say, “I had a flat tire that night. I was driving home from bingo.” She opens her mouth to speak. “I won that night, you know. I got $100. They stare at me again. “Anyways, I was driving home and suddenly I hear what sounded like a gunshot.”
The male cop stands up and opens his mouth. I wave my arms. “No no no, not an actual gunshot! It was the tire. Goodness, you policemen do like to jump to conclusions.”
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 5 12
Hes nothing like they said he would be by GoodOldBaz Hes nothing like they said he would be :icongoodoldbaz:GoodOldBaz 6 29


The tone of the overall piece is somber and a low mood. I like the technique used as it achieves a subtle smoothness especially in the ...

Send me a note if you want me to critique your work.


:icontignoraprime: :iconjettereitsma: :icongoodoldbaz: :iconemerald-alexandria: :iconyaoik: :iconanyastone: :icondkenreeks: :iconchasestarlit: :iconluminovia: :iconiiexposed: :iconvictorwaeo93: :icontheelementofmagic: :iconcasey9999: :iconmillenniumband: :iconfrances94: :iconfaeriefoxfang: :iconchiefmoustache: :iconprojectfailure: :iconwiide: :iconlilly-anne-artworks: :iconcurulin: :iconcantcomeupwithone: :iconcolumbiascosplayers: :iconjinchuriki10: :icontinytums: :iconsammyd2086: :iconmomoscarletkaulitz: :iconmakaalbarn-chan: :iconinklullaby: :iconmastersaruwatari: :iconphilipbrocklehurst: :iconorenji-draa: :iconmigueld: :iconjbrenthill: :icontwinsocks: :iconkodapops: :iconaphicrys: :icontonsha: :iconchroniton8990: :icon1337squiddyboy:



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League of Extraordinary Pulp Writers by CanalusKhajiit Warrior by CanalusAngry Moe plays the piano by CanalusMurphy by Canalus
Got yer back, Primal by CanalusDestroyer in position by Canalus
Another unknown mech type by CanalusGargoyle Seeker - Dirge by CanalusTerminal by CanalusDeclan by CanalusJohn Ryder by CanalusWeregun Hunter by Canalus


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