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Long Since
Long since my pen met paper;
Long since my thoughts were captured.
Thoughts kept under lock and key,
Thoughts mute, kept only for me.
Long since my pen met paper;
Long since my thoughts were set free.
Creativity blooms, hope springs,
My mind comes back to life.
Long since my pen met paper;
Long since my thoughts were beautiful.
Wild calmness overcomes me:
Chaotic serenity.
My pen is now to paper,
My thoughts are art once again.
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Help Me
I am alone in my house. I am sitting on my bed starring at the opening of my room. I hear footsteps coming from the level below. I draw up the bed sheets to my chin and take a deep breath, in a weak attempt to calm my nerves. Suddenly, the footsteps go up the stairs. I sink farther into the bed and closer to the wall. Step after step, it comes closer and closer. My breath quickens. The lights are shut. I cannot bring myself to walk across the room to turn them on. Now it is in the hallway. I stop breathing. I choke on my fear. The footsteps are now in my room and I stare intensely. There is still no one in the room but me. The room gets cold. I close my eyes. The footsteps stop. It is quiet. The silence engulfs me and I suddenly hear myself whimper. I slowly open my eyes. The warmth slowly infiltrates back into my room. It has left. I curl up into a ball and fall to sleep. My dreams offer me no relief.
I wake up to a cold breeze. The door has closed; I do not know how. I feel trapped.
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D.H. Lawrence
Lawrence was right.
We lost touch with
the animal
istic side of
We do what is
do what is wrong.
Bodies betray
our inner most
buried feelings
and its functions.
I cannot stop
sweating, farting,
Loving, being.
But I can stop
Thinking, sorting.
What does that mean?
What does Being
Human Entail?
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School Semester Rollercoaster
Alarm Clock Dance
I'm sleeping…
Beep beep, infernal alarm clock,
I slam the snooze button,
Over and
Over and over
Lids heavy,
Sun peaks through the window,
Says, Wake up silly goose,
You have to wake up, you have a
Shower to take, Food to eat,
Car to drive, Errands to run,
School papers to write
Remembering the papers,
I roll over and ignore
The sun and all my responsibilities.
I'm Awake
I can no longer ignore the sun
It's too bright and shines through my
Translucent lids and thick curtains.
Fine then.
I get up, take a shower and eat.
I drive my car and do my errands.
Eventually, I sit at my desk:
Staring at the computer
I try to write my paper.
Words don't come, phrases don't
Get written.
It feels like I'm trying to lay an egg,
It just feels unnatural.
Poor hens.
The Egg
It's unnaturally forced,
It's a black on white catastrophe.
My teacher will weep,
When reading my paper.
This is a crime against English grammar!
What has the world come too?
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Essay Writing Process
Wave after wave
Realization washes over me.
My paper is due tomorrow.
I despair.
I sit at the table, and
How dare the page stare
Blankly back at me?
I type away:
Letters morphing into words,
Words forming phrases,
Phrases supporting arguments.
I cannot proofread,
My eyes are starting to
Cross and water.
As I hand my paper,
To the professor,
I stare into his eyes,
And hope,
That he won't cry
Over the butchered
Syntax and grammar.
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The end of days,
will end our ways
End our guilty
When Life will end
Who will then fend
For our sour souls
I feel sorry
Really sorry
For my mistakes
and faults
Our Temptation
Our Reasoning
And our views skewed
by what?
What is real sin,
What is evil
Hate, lust, crime, fear
no love?
Should we fear it?
The end of all
End of suffering,
and joy.
Do you fear it?
Fear only lies
in thought.
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Star Bright, Star Light
Star light, star bright
I wish I could see you tonight.
To guide my way
And keep my loneliness at bay.
To give me hope
About something now out of scope.
To help my soul
Encourage it to reach my goal.
Oh Star, my Love
I can't find you
Oh, do you want us to find you?
Star light, not so bright
I wish I could hold you tonight...
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Floral piece by sun-kisses Floral piece :iconsun-kisses:sun-kisses 0 4
Fly Stories - Playful Soldiers
Flip and Flop
lived near the mop
and played near the broom
in the storage room.
They were social butterflies
in a fly’s disguise
On that sunny day,
While they were at play
They heard the TWAT
and the following SPLAT
Fear griped their tiny bodies
They abruptly ended their fun follies
They flew over, landing on the cook book
Curiosity overtaking them and took a look
They saw Mrs Cooper, over her deed, gloating
Flip and Flop broke down weeping
Their pitiful, mournful cry
picked Mrs Cooper’s ear and eye
Annoyed by the constant buzzing
She stared at them fuming!
Flop stared back, equally mad
Revenge was to be had!
Flop took flight
Buzzing with all his might
Flip stared at Flop
Urging him to stop
Flip looked away, afraid to look
So afraid that his body shook
A sudden cry pierced the air
As Flop buzzed in Mrs Cooper’s hair
She fretted and shook all-over
Flop buzzed, bit and annoyed her
When Flop was tired he retreated
His mission had not quite succeeded
After Mrs Cooper centere
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Fly Stories - Zub's Love Lost
Zub and Zib are flies
This is the story about their lives
Zub is male
Zib is female...
They like to buzz around
and chill where food can be found
They live on the refrigerator
Next to the plastic alligator,
One sunny day
There they lay
Waiting for Ms Cooper
to finish cooking supper
Zub looked at Zib intently
“Gosh she’s pretty” thought he.
Zib looked at Zub seriously
and thought the staring was creepy
Zub was love struck
Zib was out of luck...
“Of all the flies, it had to be HIM” thought she
“I’m definitely going to marry her” thought he
Zub started sliding closer,
Closer and closer
Till Zib was frozen with fright
Ready to kick and bite
“I want to buzz sweet nothings in her ear”
Thought Zub as he drew near
“I’ll fly into a bug zapper,”
thought she “if he gets nearer”
Zub was about to confess his feeling
Zib was about to start screaming...
There Mrs Cooper stood...
She finally found them and swatted th
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Gwyn dancing by sun-kisses Gwyn dancing :iconsun-kisses:sun-kisses 0 15
One Man - One World
In a close enough land...
There was a man among many,
Who loved his country dearly;
Maybe even as much as money...
He would pay any price,
And everything he'd sacrifice;
Taking chances, rolling the dice...
His father's footsteps he did follow,
Adopting his ways and his motto;
And wearing nice suits for show.
Love for his father and country
Lead this man to start a fight quickly;
Winning lots of support, surprisingly.
In a far away land...
Noble men blindly fight;
Searching from site to site
For a convict who took flight.
Sacrificing more than money...
Sacrificing more than energy...
Sacrificing more than any...
For a "just" cause he says...
For a nation's safety, he says...
For the love of a country he says...
Nay, they fight for a silly reason
That got lost in all the confusion
Caused by gun-shots; echoing his notion
Wars are caused by various things;
among them are misunderstandings,
Which sadly leads to killings.
Numerous deaths of brothers, sisters,
Mothers, fath
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It Really Hurt
Inspiration hit me; a concussion followed!
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Moon's Whispers
When the moon speaks through the wind
When the sun kisses you lightly on our cheeks
When the fireflies light our scary paths
Is when I thank the heavens
That I’m alive and living life with you.
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Rant of the Untalented
Look, oh Muse, look at me now,
Look at the wreck you left behind!
Unable to speak, think or write...
Unable to live, love or laugh...
Why did you inspire me,
And then leave me...alone...
Cruel, oh cruel Muse, listen now
Why did you stop loving me?
Were my past words not good enough?
Not true enough? Not loving enough?
I suppose not, because you left me.
I suppose not, because I failed you.
Words cant form in my mind...
Thoughts are disorganised...
My mind cannot produce anymore,
My soul cannot feel anymore...
Truly I am not a good orator
Nor am I a good writer
Also, I can't say I'm intelligent,
nor can I say I'm stupid either.
Yet, I sadly, have no talents.
All I can do is breath and smile.
Yet my breathing is coarse and faint.
And my smile is crooked and fake.
So this is my rant; a rant of the untalented.
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Walt Disney Classics
Did Cinderella and her Prince ever get into a fight?
Did Snow White ever refuse her Prince a kiss goodnight?
Does the Prince ever bring out the garbage on time?
Does Robin Hood's wife count every dime?
What happened after that fateful kiss?
The Kiss of Happily Ever After Bliss?
Did Sleeping Beauty ever really want to wake up?
Did the eleven dwarfs ever want to give up?
What are their everyday mundane lives like?
Wonder what their pillow talks are like?
But what I really want to know...
What really happens after the credits roll?
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Aimée R.
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: mostly right now it's rock (old and heavy), reggea, country, R&B, and some pop songs
Favourite photographer: ppl who photograph for the beauty of things.
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: anything as long as it plays music! :D
Shell of choice: the ones that come from the sea?!?
Wallpaper of choice: pics of my family or friends
Favourite cartoon character: Buttons (the dog...was it in the looney toons or something like that?) and Rafiki from lion king!lol
Personal Quote: live, love, laugh = happiness
So I haven't been on here for a little while. Suddenly, I have a Team Edwards animation thingy beside my name. How did that happen????
  • Listening to: Daily Planet
  • Reading: The Road by McCarthy


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