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Trapped by something I can't explain,
I feel the closure of my dying fate,
Between these blurry lines of disdain,
The colors fade, and it's too late

From a poem I wrote :P

Model: Christine
Photographer/Edits: Me

(It's a repost because I accidently delted it XD]
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What is the cost to use on a web site?
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You know, I'm sooo greatful to have a community like deviantart to run around in. It helps me find and express my emotions. This piece is not only wonderfully captured, but it's so expressive!

I have to thank you for just being out there and doing what you do, this is so wonderful. I've been feeling melancholy and this is just what I needed to find to help express it. A definite new favorite of mine.
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That means so much to me :heart:
Thank you so much :)

I hope things get better for you and you cheer up :heart:
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You're very very welcome! :hug: They have. I've found my happy again, so no more emo moments for me. ^w^
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The colors fade, and it's too late

i absolutely love this piece :heart:
the poem fits so well, i love how she's trapped in her black and white world where the colour has faded away while she is forever cursed to look out on the glorious colours of nature outside her window, i love how dark it is inside silhouetting her against the window, i love the small highlights defining her features and her expression is just perfect, her misery is tangible, this is superb definitely a favourite :heart:
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Thank you so much! :heart:
That's exactly what I was going for in this picture:)
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and so skillfully achieved, full marks
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Waaaah! All your photos so pretty. <3 <3
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Aww thank you so much! :heart:
Yours are too! I'm so jealous of your art skills o.o
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We're even, then? xDD
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I just really love this one. So thoughtful. Beautiful.:heart:
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Ah nice shot! I like the darkness in this pic :D
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