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Flowers by Sun-Down14 Flowers :iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 1 0
My whole life has been on a scale,
with me on one end; life on the other
Sometimes we are even,
others it seems like I'm not winning.
Scales are fickle and easily manipulated,
like many people today
Swayed by and possessions,
it seems life is one big convention.
Comi-con and Today are very similar,
we all
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
Dear Employer of the New Age Planet.
    My name is Lock-on, I am here to apply for the Mediator/Mentor Job you posted last week.
I have 9+ years with mediating. I have been a counselor for 5 years.
    I am also a great cook, I hear you are also looking for cooks.
I look forward to serving with you.
I also here you have problems with bandits and robbers.
  Well, fret no more I am a skilled Martial Artist and skilled with the Nanchaku.
Please, get back to me as soon as possible.
This Lock-on Targeted and Firing
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
Wind Born Dreamers
When we live we envy the wind,
it blows free
While we are grounded and stuck,
 the birds above seem as tho they pity us
Why would things not stranded to this Earth pity us?
It's because they are born from the wind,
   we re born from the Earth
I pity the birds because they live with limits.
To stay in the wind they must use wings,
  for us to stay in the wind we must simply Dream
Do birds dream about the Earth or about the Wind?
When we think about it birds and humans aren't so different,
   we both dream and we both fly
One uses wings to fly,
    and one uses dreams
Our own type of wings let us soar.
Truly we are both Wind Born Dreamers.
   Are We Not
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 1 0
Hidden Rose
Everyone loves you because you're famous,
  inside you hate the fame
No one see's you for you,
  you think you're to blame.
When I knew who you were,
  the famousness came first
But I thought to myself,
  I'd like you whether or not you were famous.
If we met on the street,
  I'd fall for you every time
You are like a rose hidden in discreet,
  even though you have fame
You take my heart every time.
"To all those who would only date those who are famous. Life for you will rise and fall like the tides of the ocean. To those who wouldn't care about the fame. Life for you will flow like the gentle river, flowing ever clear and you will prosper in abundant love and life."
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 183
The Important Difference Between Art and Sex
Nudity in and of itself isn't obscene, though it is often inappropriate in certain venues. Pornography involves explicit sexual behavior designed to titillate and arouse.
There is also the matter of intention. Artists have long considered the human body to be among nature's most interesting -- and difficult to draw, paint, or sculpt -- creations. A nude painting or sculpture exists, in part, to allow the artist to study the body and to demonstrate his skill. Moreover, an artistic nude usually appears in the context of a story or at least represents a story. The purpose of pornography is, as I said, solely to trigger sexual excitement.
By the way, some works of art can be considered pornographic by some people, and some pornography can actually be artistic. Sometimes these matters are entirely subjective. As a judge once famously said -- and I'll have to paraphrase him -- "I may not be able to define obscenity, but I know it when I see it."
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 8
Remembering the times that were shared
oh how could she have said goodbye,
now it feels like nothing will go as planned
oh Baby why did you leave me all alone.....
You make me Cry; knowing now I can't be or will be healed
Oh I cry; how can I achieve happiness now that you are gone,
Please Don't Go (Oh) Please Don't Go (Oh)
Don't leave me behind alone, (To Fade)
You left me to die, but all you did was wound me baby
The day you left it felt like you ran me through (With a knife in the back)
a hole so deep that it won't heal anytime soon;
Ever since that day I have been nothing but a distant memory for you
it feels like time has left me standing still forever,
I'm falling through the sky head first; not knowing when my time will end,
I'm drowning in the tears shed because of you
You make me Cry; knowing now I can't be or will be healed
Girl I Cry; how can I achieve happiness now that your gone
Please Don't Go (Girl) Please Don't Go (No,No,No)
Girl don't leave me alone (To Fade)
Please com
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 6
Far In Body, Near in Spirit
When I close my eyes to drift and dream,
your eyes and smile wake me up
but your kiss and touch keep me dreaming,
though we are from different worlds
our spirits are so close that they touch one another,
through time and space they dance and laugh
through our dreams they kiss and love each other,
if God be willing then someday our bodies will meet
I will pray that through God our paths will eventually intertwine.
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
The Dream of Never Waking
Sleeping at 12:30 never wanted to sleep,
you then stormed into my mind like Marines on the beach head of Normandy
I found myself in your grip of fantasy,
you are always my trigger to falling into false reality
save me from fading please I don't want to sleep; for just 6-8hours.
You said to me, "I need time to think" and "And you need to move on I'm just not worth it"!
I told you, "Nothing has ever been more worth my time, and moving on is not an option".
this dream gave insight to my own feelings that I can express to you,
being in your arms, kissing your lips, and being with you seemed perfect.
after you kissed me you told me to open my eyes and wake up it's the only option.
I said NO!!!
please don't let me go.....don't make me wake up from this dream,
time won't let this dream come true only in my heart will it ever be a reality
I woke up to seeing your face fading into the darkness of my reality,
"COME BACK", I awoke to scream out but no words came out to greet you so that you would
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 1 10
Pic o' MEH by Sun-Down14 Pic o' MEH :iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
Fall To The Ground, And Rise
Have you ever tried to just give up on yourself?
Is there a time in life where the only thing you have left is just your sanity?
When thats gone you realize the only thing left is just an empty hole inside and your body is broken and shattered into pieices no bigger than a dime. time you feel this way just look up and ask for a sign that you are still sane and not far gone by sin. He will absolve your troubles and your insanity, by giving you a new chance to get up off of your knees and rise to your new beginings and new journeies. Succumb to the Healer and Succumb to the Savior, for He is our ticket to SAlvation and Redemption.
So be the light in someone's life who is just like you were when you felt like this.
Be His Hands and be His Feet with me Forever and Ever.
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 1 0
When I first saw you my breath shallowed,
  the day you said hello, was the day I forgot how to speak
You made my heart skip beats easily,
  until you told me your name you made me weak.
What a job He did on you....
When He told me to wait I obeyed and once I did,
   I had no clue you were the outcome of that decision....
For He gave me an Angel that would save this stranded Soul.
He gave me no warning to what was happening,
  until it was too late to recognize
To recognize just how much His work really does make miracles happen,
   What a wonderful work He's done and what a beautiful miracle He has created....
When He told me to wait I obeyed and once I did,
   I had no clue you were, you were the outcome of that decision.....
For He gave me an Angel that would save this stranded Soul.
It was such an unpredictable miracle He sent,
  someone who was definitely God sent
Someone Who Was God Sent!!!!
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 2 0
Cleansing Hymn
These children are targets for sin,
and only you can save them
from tearing themselves apart within,
bring them to their knees so they can begin to live.
Follow me to the Waters of Love,
drink for those who thirst
bathe for those who need cleansed from above
He will give you life.
If your weakened by your past sins,
fall to your knees and surrender
call out to Him and He'll your skin,
There Will Be No More Pain.......
Follow me to the Waters of Love,
drink for those who thirst
bathe for those who need to be cleansed from above
He will give you life.
Don't harm the hands holding you,
my hands are holding you, His hands are rescuing you
Just Let Go, Don't Run Away, Breathe...just Breathe Let Go Of Your Pain and Past
Just Wash It Away.
Follow me to the Waters of Love,
drink for those who thirst
bathe for those who need to be cleansed from above
He will give you life
Give You Life.
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
Silver Lining
Life is a War bent on destroying everything,
it's purpose is to bring Chaos and Death to all
always destroying and never changing.
But to bring Chaos is to also bring Clarity and Order,
however to bring War is to bring Families closer together; like
a storm when there is no power, families always spend more
time together and are closer,
times of War are no different; Everything gets
Bitter before getting Sweeter.
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
Hypocrisy Kills, Sun Heals
A sweet kiss you bless my lips with,
behind it a dagger ready to to strike
a hint of doubt which my mind plagues me with.
I feel the dagger slowly enter my body like; a stitch
needle closing this wound you left me with.
Though through every dark twist shining in the open is the sun,
it gives me warmth and I find truth and hope
finally my wounds disappear and a new journey has begun; but
as long as He is walking with me then bring on any challenges,
I can handle them for Hypocrisy holds no power over me anymore.
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0
My Friend Jay
There are times in our lives when answers are in reach,
you find ways to answer them by praying or drinking there are many times when life seems so stressful and unfair and our only way out is to drown it out....
Killing yourself to find the answers is not the way(Not the Way),
looking at addiction and loneliness is just not the answer falling to your knees yelling mad at the world for what you have become, is it you or what you've done to make you change.
Looking back at your life as you lay motionless, memories of our endeavors and our adventures you seemed so full of life and immortal, but looking back at you now....I realized I should have saved you long before this like you saved me before,
Killing yourself to find the answers is not the way(Not the Way),
looking at addiction and loneliness is just not the answer falling to your knees yelling mad at the world for what you have become, For you will not find happiness or redemption on this road only pain and sorrow await you...
:iconsun-down14:Sun-Down14 0 0


chinese girl by pandaispanda chinese girl :iconpandaispanda:pandaispanda 195 16 Stella and Iris by SpcatsTasha Stella and Iris :iconspcatstasha:SpcatsTasha 577 6 D.Va street clothes by stylechameleon D.Va street clothes :iconstylechameleon:stylechameleon 135 4 Gnar smash? by SpcatsTasha Gnar smash? :iconspcatstasha:SpcatsTasha 952 10 Teslad Aoi by jpeg96 Teslad Aoi :iconjpeg96:jpeg96 329 20 Attack on Tingle by HeavyMetalHanzo Attack on Tingle :iconheavymetalhanzo:HeavyMetalHanzo 3,921 215 Mutsu by Takeshikun2008 Mutsu :icontakeshikun2008:Takeshikun2008 2 0 Yakumo and Takato by blueeyedwolf808 Yakumo and Takato :iconblueeyedwolf808:blueeyedwolf808 1 0 shura no toki by nakamuchid shura no toki :iconnakamuchid:nakamuchid 3 0 Mutsu Izumi by KeungLee Mutsu Izumi :iconkeunglee:KeungLee 102 13 Casual - Indoor Garden by Xeno-Photography Casual - Indoor Garden :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 177 6 Female Genji by SpcatsTasha Female Genji :iconspcatstasha:SpcatsTasha 1,593 52 Casual - Beach by Xeno-Photography Casual - Beach :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 398 20 Sayaka vs Kyoko by Eiloria Sayaka vs Kyoko :iconeiloria:Eiloria 47 5 Hercules - Meg by Usagi-Tsukino-krv Hercules - Meg :iconusagi-tsukino-krv:Usagi-Tsukino-krv 518 17 Link WIP by uncannyknack Link WIP :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 1,248 54


Just took this quiz and I am very happy with the results.
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Kevin Miles
United States
I love Cosplay, Anime and Tricking. I am a Martial Artist and I love God. My writings are written based on what he has done for me. I am trying to learn how to make cosplay costumes but need help.
Current Residence: MD
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Favourite cartoon character: Kenichi
Personal Quote: Being strong is not just your muscles, but your heart and sense of Honor.


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