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Summer Holidays by sumw1 Summer Holidays :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Last Day Of School by sumw1 Last Day Of School :iconsumw1:sumw1 1 0 trainercard-GalaXys by sumw1 trainercard-GalaXys :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Horse Preppy Sign by sumw1 Horse Preppy Sign :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Yellow Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Yellow Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Red Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Red Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Pink Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Pink Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Green Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Green Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Cyan Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Cyan Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Blue Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Blue Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 1 0 Cross by sumw1 Cross :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Tick by sumw1 Tick :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0 Flashing Purple Bullet by sumw1 Flashing Purple Bullet :iconsumw1:sumw1 1 0 Cat icon thing... by sumw1 Cat icon thing... :iconsumw1:sumw1 2 0 Random!! by sumw1 Random!! :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 3 Signature Trial by sumw1 Signature Trial :iconsumw1:sumw1 0 0


Meet The Artist by kawacy Meet The Artist :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,115 587
special attention | haruka nanase
requested by EmmiDraws
very optimistic, very cute, very much bubbly reader and a teasing haru.
A ghost of a smile etched upon Haruka's stoic features as familiar arms coil needfully around his waist and he stops himself from eliciting a groan as a pair of lips attach themselves onto the exposed skin of his shoulder blades - Haruka wasn't going to admit that you alone were enough to make him go crazy.
You ease yourself onto Haruka's back, smiling as you inhale the delicious smell of breakfast emitting from the frying pan that Haruka was currently tending to. You stand on tiptoes to look over his shoulder, and you . You were craving for some attention right now.
"Whaaaat? I wasn't even going to ask anything weird!" you laugh sarcastically to yourself. Well I mean, it wasn't like he could read read minds and happen to know what you were going to ask in the first place anyway-
"I'm not going to give you your 'special attention of love', [Name]." Well now you
:iconjaynanase:JayNanase 117 26
Nishinoya x Shy!Reader
This was taken off my quotev acc
“Then I’ll leave you to it,” said the student council president as he placed an enormous stack of printouts into your hands. While you didn’t really want to carry this many papers at once by yourself, you couldn’t see it as anything but inevitable seeing as you were too shy to ask another student council member for help.
Trudging slowly towards one of the algebra teacher’s rooms, you sighed under your breath and wondered why the student council had to even be here during summer breaks anyways, it was even worse since school started back up again the next day. By this point, you were dragging your feet until;
“(Y/n)-senpai!” a certain libero yelled, startling you in the process, making you drop most of the papers onto the floor. You bent down to pick them up, with a blush forming on your face as you hastily tried picking up all the papers just for them to fall again, you weren’t normally this c
:iconotaku-at-best:Otaku-at-Best 42 3
Her 4thGrade Sis Likes Me - Nishinoya Yuu x Reader
"Nishinoya-senpai, someone's here to see you!"
And... silence. Yup, the whole Karasuno Volleyball Team stops their very very important activities, which you could call practice. It's not that they are surprised that someone has come to meet the Guardian Deity. No, they have been shocked out of their minds because that someone is a girl who is clearly blushing. Well.. looks like someone is going to get a confession.
Or not. 'Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.. Okay, [Your Name]! You can totally do it! It is for the bright future of your family!' you try to calm down your nerves when you see the short volleyball player approaching. And he is clearly happy, which you don't understand why. But how could you know that Nishinoya has got a crush on you for the past four months when he hasn't said a word, right?
"Hey, [Your Name]-san. Do you want something?" he tries to hide his anxiety.
"Yeah.. I have- wait.
:iconkiarraop11:KiarraOp11 77 7
Watch me [Nishinoya Yuu x gn!reader]
‘Watch me,’ Noya mouthed the words at you.
Training had already ended, he had asked his teammate to throw the ball once more for him to receive when he saw you enter the gym. You had been going to the gym to wait for him and walk home together, ever since you started... well, dating. You weren't used to the fact, and weren't sure if you could ever get to used to it.
You didn't know how it happened. You were the shy student who was always by themselves during lunch, and he was the total opposite. But he started talking to you, and you began to open up more, to both him and the rest of your classmates. But you took a liking to him, and you were lucky when you found out that that liking was returned, when he asked you out.
Noya grinned at you before somersaulting across the ground to receive the ball that his teammate threw for him.
"ROLLING THUNDER!" He announced, laughing maniacally as his teammates slapped him on the back, praising him.
"Show-off!" You found that you had th
:icondeenotme:DeeNotMe 48 16
Beautiful [Nishinoya Yuu x Reader]
Nishinoya Yuu had always assumed beauty was in the form of Kiyoki Shimizu but when he saw you the other day, he was forced to change his mind.
You had fallen asleep in the stairwell while waiting for him to get off practice. Your head leaned against the wall as [h/c] locks fell peacefully around your face. The warm toned hues of sunset hitting every sculpted feature, highlighting and elongating your already perfect visage. Your closed eyelids and slightly parted pink lips revealed content slumber with hands resting atop the bag placed carefully upon your lap.
Yuu was lost in the sight of such peace and serenity.
Everything in that moment seemed picture perfect.
He never thought a scene like that could get any better or any more memorable.
Yet, when you opened your eyes groggily, Kiyoko Shimizu could have never compared to the beauty in front of him.
As heavy lids opened slowly, your [e/c] orbs were made even more vibrant by the evening glow. Long lashes fluttered shielding bright, live
:iconmstrivous:MsTrivous 74 3
Nishinoya X Reader | Autocorrect | texts
1:57 pm
It's so hoooot, I hate summer (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 彡 ┻┻
1:58 pm
I'm about to get a cock, do you want to come over?
1:59 pm
ಠ_ಠ ...
2:00 pm
There are other ways to tell me you're homo
2:01 pm
2:03 pm
Im saving this x'D
2:04 pm
Seriously this phone is trolling me
2:06 pm
Well, if we're only drinking coke I can cross the street and come (・∀・ )
2:07 pm
ORA, you wanna pick a fight or what?
2:08 pm
Huehuehue I'm coming!
2:11 pm
Dat auto cumcumber though
2:12 pm
God damnit
2:13 p
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 115 24
Strawberry Dream by Naschi Strawberry Dream :iconnaschi:Naschi 3,712 115 Little Princess by Naschi Little Princess :iconnaschi:Naschi 2,852 88 Moon Magic Sparcle by Naschi Moon Magic Sparcle :iconnaschi:Naschi 7,197 195 Fresh Lemon Pikachu by Naschi Fresh Lemon Pikachu :iconnaschi:Naschi 7,139 223 MMD - The White Queen by kinoko-hiou MMD - The White Queen :iconkinoko-hiou:kinoko-hiou 672 85 MMD- Sweet Lolita Rin + Kawaii Miku DL by xxTakaiKouhaixx MMD- Sweet Lolita Rin + Kawaii Miku DL :iconxxtakaikouhaixx:xxTakaiKouhaixx 1,794 378 Fighter Force Miku Download by Melly-Kitty Fighter Force Miku Download :iconmelly-kitty:Melly-Kitty 441 28


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:thumb485549210:Basic information:
:thumb485549210:Name: Luna
:thumb485549210:Account name: sumw1
:thumb485549210:Birthday (day/month): 07/03
:thumb485549210:Likes: cute things, shiny things, anime, MLP and so on
:thumb485549210:Dislikes: bullies, blood, death, laptop running out of battery...
:thumb485549210:Hi!!!! I am an artist on dA that draws / creates a wide range of different types of drawings and edits~~ Hope you like it here~~~
:thumb485549210:Facebook page:……
:thumb485549210:Favourite vocaloid character: IA, SeeU and Len
:thumb485549210:Favourite LoveLive! character: Eli

:thumb485549210:LoveLive! stamps:
Love Live Stamp by VanessaBBaranda Love Live! Muse - Stamp by Anto-202 Wonderful Rush stamp by AsahiGirl Love Live! School Idol Project STAMP by PixelatedFairy

:thumb485549210:Eli is bae!!!
Eli stamp Love Live by Kyoukka Stamp Love Live!  School Idol Project: Ayase Eri by HaruNatsu1997

:thumb485549210:Other character in LoveLive!:

:thumb485549210:Len >///////<
Stamp: Len Kagamine - Vocaloid by MikuFregapane KAGAMINE LEN STAMP by rainbowmermaid Len stamp by Niza-Azoru Vocaloid Kagamine Len Stamp by Panajandro Stamp: Len Kagamine 02 - Vocaloid by MikuFregapane Big Stamp: Len kagamine - Vocaloid by MikuFregapane:thumb146900236: Project Diva Len Kagamine stamp by HystericDesigns Caipirinha Len stamp by Ayato-tan

:thumb485549210:Len and Rin DOES NOT go together!!!!! (Cause Len is MINE!) (jk)
Anti RinXLen stamp by GardianGoddess

:thumb485549210:IA 0A0
IA-Vocaloid[stamp] by ia23 IA (ARIA ON THE PLANETES) Stamp by Hinerin IA (ARIA ON THE PLANETES) Stamp by Hinerin
Main Tumblr: xx-unbound-galaxys-xx.tumblr.c…
Edits Tumblr: unbound-galaxys-edits.tumblr.c…

Go follow away~~


Icons that can be used for any app or folder. You can choose any anime or anything actually. And I will make an icon for you! So far I only made folder icons but I will make app icons as well! Stay tuned!!!
I can make vector linearts for you. non-detailed MLP characters(like originals) will cost 10 points. Detailed MLP characters will cost 20 points. Chibis will cost 30 points. Anime characters will cost 40 points. If possible send me a picture of the scene for example: Send me the scene character (…) then I will make the lineart (…)

Note that it is just an example. I do NOT own the pictures above
Anime character commisions
With background additional 5 points. Detailed eyes additional 5 points. full body additional 20 points. With small animals (bunnies, cats, dogs and so on) additional 10 points. Big animals additional 15 points (horse, deer, dragons and so on).
Chibi Commisions
Chibi commisions just like my cat girl chibi. With background additional 5 points. With tiny animals additional 10 points (bunnies, cats, dogs and so on). Big animals additional 15 points (horse, deer dragons and so on) Detailed chibi additional 20 points.
Shipping MLP chibis
I will make chibis of shipping characters of your choice. For example: Luna x Sombra or Celestia x Discord and so on.
non-detailed background will cost additional 5 points and detailed background will cost additional 10 points.


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