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Flourish - Remastered


A massive spiral galaxy swirling around a massive quasar star in the center which is sending firey jets out of it's north and south axis.
Lol, dunno if thats all acurate but I thought I should give a small description.(Tell me if you think of a better description :) )
Been working on this for the last 2 days.
Done entirely in Photoshop 7 and I didnt use the smudge tool once :D
Was inspired by the galaxies hubble took photos of.
I think the colours are the best thing about this piece.
A print will be online very soon, so stay tuned.

Edit (21/09/2019): The original print source file was found lost or corrupted on the DA servers, and I didn't have a backup of it myself.
So I decided to try reproduce a new print sized image from the 900 x 1273 pixel sized deviation, resizing up the jpeg and touching up the image to excuse the loss of quality in doing so.
I also added some more stars and touched up the colours slightly.
Tell me what you think :D
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Endless motion, now the experience is long gone
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:o Very poetic. Not sure I understand however haha!
SonicPL2012's avatar
It's from track named like your artwork by The Contortionist :D
sumopiggy's avatar
Oh! I'll check it out :D
SonicPL2012's avatar
Ok, you liked it? :D
sumopiggy's avatar
Haha I listened to it but it wasn't really my thing. Too much yelling. Funny how the album is called Exoplanet tho, that's kinda spacey!
SonicPL2012's avatar
Almost their all discography is about space, even self-titled song named like the album is about space travel to Exoplanet. But it ends like this "This Exoplanet has failed". :(
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wow very nice piece! 
V4Lyz's avatar
Where's the other end?! D:
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:iconmarion-tank: :bulletblue::star::bulletblue: :iconmarion-tank: :bulletblue::star::bulletblue: :iconmarion-tank:

:bulletblue::star::bulletblue: SUCH LOVELY ARTWORK :bulletblue::star::bulletblue:

:iconmarion-tank: :bulletblue::star::bulletblue: :iconmarion-tank: :bulletblue::star::bulletblue: :iconmarion-tank:
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that's the best quasar ever done, surely.
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Really. How did you accomplish this without a smudge tool? Write a tutorial so I can do this! :p It's gorgeous. Have you tried it with different color tones?
Hyperphuzion's avatar
beautiful brushing work, the stars are awesome too. looks like the thing is about to explode :o :sprint: lol. Very cool *goes to check out the rest of your gallery* 8-)
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Galaxies are tough...that's why I've largely refrained from doing them until I feel ready.

There are two large problems here, as I see it.

First, you have spiraling blue stars, yet the galaxy is only slightly larger than each star, when in reality, it's incomprehensibly bigger. Second, the "galaxy" is really just textured brushing. You did a pretty good job with the brushing, but the color and texture is not quite realistic for a galaxy.

Seems backwards, but so-so idea, good execution.
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O_O...thats...very nice...*is in awe....* wow...*adds to faves*
DigitalPlazma's avatar
Where's the bottom jet?
sumopiggy's avatar
Its hidden by all the dark gas swirling around the gallaxy. Heh
cosmicbound's avatar
One of the mos impressive/unique things i haveseen, especially for quasar. damn good job mate :) The depth is shere sekz lol. Nothing to criticise, fav speaks my words.
JustinThymePendragon's avatar
First rate! Very good! It would make a terrific poster!

annisahmad's avatar
w00000t!! good job. the perspective isnt perfect but awesome job u've done here!
Burning-Liquid's avatar
DAmmn good m8;) ya did a very good job with the perspective;) and gr8 coloring... here a fav 4u;)
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