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Anxiety Wall - Impact

Decided I'd release some wallpapers because I liked the impact and nebulae I did in Anxiety
This is 1600x1200 but feel free to resize it down so that it fits your desktop.
Please tell me what you think :D
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Thats pretty neat! I would LOVE to use that on a flyer i am working on for a party called "Big Impact".
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if i would write a critique .. i would gife you 5 Stars for impact xD
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This is freaking awesome
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Using this as a wallpaper,
thank you!
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Stunning details on the planet's surface :)
Nice work :thumbsup:
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Very, very impressive.
omg it looks awesome +fav on this!
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I love the rawness of the impact. Lots of ejected material thrown out of the atmosphere. One of the best takes on the age old "Blow up a planet with a meteor" theme I have seen in a while :)
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That would freakin' suck.
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great work :), i like it.
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I really like it overall, but I have some things that bug me, too:

first, the bad points:
The impact debris trails, as in the darker trails close to ground zero, seem very unequal. What I mean is, it doesn't look like it has a very equal or random distribution; the impact debris area could be rotated in the negative direction about fifteen degrees and it would be perfect. The impact itself doesn't seem aligned to the curvature of the larger planet, is all.

and now the many good points:
This is an extremely detailed and well-executed space scene, texturing = perfection, and starry background is beautiful. I notice that you have motion cues around the impact, with blurs, this is very nice. The small asteroid belts around the planet are a nice little thing too (although it probably took more than a few mins to do).

Overall, this is a wonderful piece, and you definately need to make more outer space scenes!
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that really good m8...
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wow !!! thats outstanding !! i must say its tops. well done mate. ;)
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gr8 piece m8;) i love the impact... the planet is nicely done aswell gr8 job on this one;)
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This is what I call "Good Stuff" I really like the detail put into everything. It's just so...awesome! Keep on keeping on. :)
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OMG ! :wow:
GREAT ! :clap:
I don't know what to say !
now, that's a master piece ! :deviation:
Congratulations on a FINE job...
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How do you make an impact zone like that?Any way:+fav:
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