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By Sumoka
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Commissioned by :iconiemt: for :iconshinerai: of her character.
was for shins birthday im so late sorry
struggling hardcore with art block and motivation, trying to get back into it, so please enjoy shins shin and i'll bring you more soon ;w;
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This piece is so gorgeous. I love how you did Shin, and the pose is really neat!

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sass with class
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Wow this is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it. I've never really taken the risk to put Shin in a Shin-colored background but you've smashed it. He has the perfect camouflage for this deciduous forest in autumn and blends in with the leaves perfectly, but the cool shadows help him not disappear into the background, and his eyes stand out. I love the atmosphere, and the little back-lighting on him!

The pose is totally is personality - so calm, confident, and mischievous. The accuracy in his design is impressive, and the details are just out of this world ;u; I think I could continue gushing about this forever, but I'll leave it like this! Thank you so kindly for working on Shin, and thank you iEMT for commissioning! This really made my week, I am so happy ♥

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Glad to hear you like it ^^ and thanks again Sumoka for doing such a spectacular job on this!
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its was fun :3
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brb feinting.
your one of my idols and drawing shin was always on my bucket list, emt commissioning him killed me with happy.
thank you for loving this so much, really  ;A; 
ok back to feinting 
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Aw thank you back ;u; ♥
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NICE!  Shin looks superb!  You caught his personality well!
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This is great!! What a perfect Shinerai expression

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shin was born to be fuzzy wuzzy
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SooOo u come HeRe OftEn??

Oof this is glorious tho, I'm in love with ur style.

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no, but i will be often from now on haha
love your style too <3
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ikr? it's totally like that expression. xD

"So tell me about Gorge."
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