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the grass touches my forelegs making me think of bugs bumping against my skin. the thistles catapult themselves against my hind legs making me flinch and shy away. i hear a grumbling noise and i flatten myself in the grass with my ears pressed against my skull. my breathing becomes shallow and my eyes search the horizon carefully.
i see a bird chirping in a tree. my eyes and my ears point towards it and i lower myself in preparation to pounce.
i leap at it my paws before me. it escapes in a flurry of feathers and i snarl in frustration. i sink back to the ground with nothing present in my mind but the thought of a lost meal.
the bird alights in a different tree and titters at me. i flatten my ears and glower at it but i leave it be. i’m aware that i won’t catch it.
i hear yells and shouts and i drop to the ground fearing someone’s seen me. but the shouts continue uninfluenced by me. i hop up and bolt from the field. the human part of me begins to take over without meaning to but i fight it trying to feel animal for as long as possible.
i hear a turkey hen complaining and my ears and nose are on sharp alert. i crawl towards the noise slowly and quietly as i can but she must hear me and she dashes for shelter under the thick brush. i growl but it’s okay. i can find food later.
a big stench with big round wheels rolls towards me. i disappear into the trees and wait for the noisy thing to leave. it leaves and i am safe now. i dash to the big square shelter and i am scared of the big straight walls around me for a long time…
but after a while, I don’t feel so animal, and I think that it is beautiful to be two species at once.
If I already uploaded this, tell me and I'll take it down and give you 'thank you' kisses. lawl.

Mmm, yup. Been a little while since I posted therianthropy related writing, so here goes.
This was actually written a little ways back during my little identity crisis, and I just wanted to write about my animal side without suggesting a species. <3
Kibawolfsoul Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2010
bueatiful ^^ i did that once and i actually caught the bird was chasing.
ForeverChagrin Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is great and i dont believe ive read it before

we miss you on Red River.
SummonerWolf Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2008

And I'm sorry! I was dumb enough to sign up right before I went on a little hiatus, and I kinda forgot about it. I'm going to make an effort to visit more often. <3
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September 8, 2008
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