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Published: April 23, 2008
More often than not, my ‘shifts’, if you will accept the terminology, are involuntary, and usually triggered by fear or uneasiness.
Not long ago, I was drifting through Border’s Bookstore, of all places, when I started to watch people more carefully.
Now, I am always watching people. I think my own species is one of the greatest entertainment ever devised, and besides, if I don’t watch them, how will I know where they are or what they’re doing.
However, in this instance, I started to get more jumpy than I already am. I leaped into the air every time I saw movement, and I started to get this electrical feeling all around me, as though the tingling feeling indicated where someone was near me. My muscles bunched and my posture became lowered and crouched. My eyes got wide and twitchy, and I could almost feel my ears twisting towards the noises and my tail gently swinging.
Knowing from past experience that I was being impulsive, I retreated to a far corner and fixed my gaze on a shelf of books, not reading the titles or caring what they said, but pulling them out at random to stare at them and look okay.

When I ‘shift’ voluntarily, it is not a very different circumstance, though I generally have the decision in mind that I want to be caninely aware.
Sometimes, I sit down, close my eyes, and feel out every bit of my body with my mind, becoming conscious of myself. I feel myself changing, feeling like something else, something different. I feel fur, the elongated hairs on my neck and lower back, prickling as though on fire. I feel ears, large, soft, and flexible, turning to face each new sound. I feel paws and claws, thicker and longer than my fragile human limbs. I feel a broad muzzle, tipped in nature’s gift of a wet nose. I feel a long, curved vertebra, ending thoughtfully in a thick, expressive tail.

And right now, I feel anger. I feel pent-up frustrations and caged enthusiasm from everything that is feral in me. I put a lid on my own nature, for too long, too often. And mentally- emotionally- psychologically- I am pacing, wanting out, needing the earth and the air and the water and the sun and the FREEDOM, so I can breathe again.
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Just to give a bit of an explanation: I often am struck with inspiration by something I am reading or seeing. Today, it was a book from a free publisher. “Shifting, Shamanism, and Therianthropy”, by Lupa. She started talking about shifts, voluntary and involuntary, so it hit me to think about how I ‘shift’.
One, know that I am not suggesting in any way that I can physically become a wolf. It is all psychological, and I know that.
Two, I apologize for the format and the dryness. I’ve been writing a piece that involves a lot of memory things, so this is the format I’ve been using, and also, I’ve been reading Virginia Woolf; my goodness, she’s smart, but as for being a thrilling author…. she’s not topping my list.
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ImWhateverStudent Digital Artist
I've only dream-shifted and semi-mental shifted :/
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Excellent story! I experienced something similar very recently whilst playing the cop in cops and robbers. My senses heightened and I found and caught the others very quickly. I have been a therian for some time but only recently decided on the wolf. Your story accurately describes how I feel most days of my life. Thank you.
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ooh, this is nice..love the feeling-view you use, makes it so easy to relate.^^
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It sounds like well me
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Haha, awesome. I love it when people can identify with my writing. :)
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I so agree at the end. I love this
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I'm definitely a people-watcher too. I really can't help it because I HATE not knowing whats going on around me. That's probably why I hate sleeping in hotels and other people's houses. I sleep well at home where I trust the people to some extent, but when I can't trust those around and when I'm asleep, I can't tell what's going on and/or what might be happening to me.

And I definitely know what you're talking about in respects to the fright factor--I guess that's what I want to call it...I don't know--of public shifts. Its so hard to act nonchalant when you think everybody can tell you've shifted, even if they can't.
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I know that feeling. Sleep is vulnerability.
And yes, for sure. It feels like everybody's just staring, doesn't it?
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Your description of 'shifting' is captivating, and even though I've never experienced it, it seems very real to me . Excellent job!
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Thank you very much, as usual!
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