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The Arts of Venus

I drew this as a (rather belated) birthday present for AuronLu! It's an illustration for this chapter of her Final Fantasy X novel Love Her and Despair, which I recommend to everyone!

I loved the imagery of Lulu as this kind of siren goddess-queen on her throne in the surreal dream space inside Sin, and that this is the vision beheld by the people exposed to Sin's toxin. (No wonder there's a cult rising around her - with the old Sin they probably all just saw some weirdo playing blitzball by himself while bragging about how he's the best at it.)

What I also find interesting about this scene is that while Lulu is pretty much adorned only with her own hair, she's not in a state of disgrace. Yu Yevon put the chains there to prevent her from rebelling against him, but it's because he recognizes her as a powerful entity and not because she's being debased for anyone's fanservicey amusement as is the usual trope. Yu Yevon is an emotionless tick thing; it's Lulu who has chosen to present herself like this in this psycho-reactive dream environment she controls. She's very in command of her own allure and there's a nice elemental water goddess quality to that. (Water being a classically feminine element, as well as Sin's.)

Happy birthday! I hope you like it. :) Everyone else, stop hanging around here and go read Love Her and Despair if you haven't already!

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