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Guardian: Page 8

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i love the new update for the pages sometimes i leave the old page on my tap and wait for the updated pages to come i compare the old page to the new one 
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There is a noticeable difference, haha.
its like playing stop the difference lol
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I like to think that Belgemine passed by Ginnem's village on her pilgrimage, when Yojimbo's Fayth was still there.  Ginnem liked her look and years later based her summoner outfit on what Belgemine wore.
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I am getting that Deja Vu there because of what Ginnem says in the last Panel. :) Brings back memories too.
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Heehee yes it was intentional. ;)
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"Why don't we let our black mage..." Deja vu line. And yes, ear saucers. Ah well, even Princess Leia got stuck with a variant.

The only other person I've seen write bits of Ginnem's pilgrimage had to put in a redshirt, I mean, a fighter, as well. I like the sister here. Crankypants and all.
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Hahaha yes. I remember reading somewhere (I think probably an excerpt from the Ultimania guide) that Lulu was Ginnem's only guardian, but a party consisting of one summoner and one untested mage seemed really unlikely. So I am kind of determinedly putting my fingers in my ears about that. ;)

I had wanted to avoid original characters, but I couldn't have the added warrior be anyone who turns up later in FFX, for reasons (everyone is walking around with a Doom counter over their head) you already know.
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I also think the clothes look great. And Lil' Lulu is so cute.
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Thanks. :) I think she's pretty cute too haha.
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Awesome drawings. Their clothing goes perfectly with the white ground and panels.
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Thanks! :) I like snowy scenes.
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