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(In which Lulu gives progressively less of a damn about her hair.)

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Feeling like a bozo for commenting so late...Minty, what gorgeous graphic storytelling!  I mean it!  Just the layout alone--genius.  The entire sequence of *gasp* heating the water, wringing the cloth and applying to forehead straightforward and elegant in its simplicity!  Lulu's inner Mama Bear definitely in the forefront right now.  Anyone who has ever cared for an ill relative can surely sympathize with Lulu's absorption in her caregiving. Ah, that final panel with Lulu despairing over Yuna's condition and asleep from sheer exhaustion bellissimo!  The final panel is very much "it's always darkest before the dawn" with the graduations of dusky blues and the halo of lamplight.  Our tight little trio next to each other --Yuna's kitty curled up on one side and Lulu holding her hand on the other side. Such selfless love for her little sis.