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Guardian: Page 60

(In which Lulu gives progressively less of a damn about her hair.)

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Feeling like a bozo for commenting so late...Minty, what gorgeous graphic storytelling!  I mean it!  Just the layout alone--genius.  The entire sequence of *gasp* heating the water, wringing the cloth and applying to forehead straightforward and elegant in its simplicity!  Lulu's inner Mama Bear definitely in the forefront right now.  Anyone who has ever cared for an ill relative can surely sympathize with Lulu's absorption in her caregiving. Ah, that final panel with Lulu despairing over Yuna's condition and asleep from sheer exhaustion bellissimo!  The final panel is very much "it's always darkest before the dawn" with the graduations of dusky blues and the halo of lamplight.  Our tight little trio next to each other --Yuna's kitty curled up on one side and Lulu holding her hand on the other side. Such selfless love for her little sis.
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Thank you for taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it. :)

She's actually cooling the water to help bring Yuna's fever down. (What I realize now kind of looks like steam is frost/magic.) I imagine it's difficult for them to get ice or even cold water on Besaid without the use of magic! (Pretty sure refrigerators are a Yevon taboo . . .)

Mama Bear Lulu is my favorite. :)
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In love with the way her outfit looks
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Is it because of her reading glasses? :) They seem to have gone over well.
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No. For me it was because of the way the top and back looks. Though she does look good in glasses. :D
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There is nothing I don't like about this page. nOTHING.

Apparently I am a sadistic bastard.
Lulu's outfit with the glasses. (which are pretty much my glasses, come to think of it)
Disillusionment with the temple.
Lulu not worried about her appearance because Yuna is her life.
Big sister / little sister.
Taking care of sick person.


SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Haha well I guess so am I, because I love all of these things too. *paws over face*

Several fandoms ago a friend of mine gave me a hard time about liking the taking-care-of-a-sick-person trope so I got very sparing with its use and had to decide carefully how I was going to play the pneumonia card. (Which is what that book says, although it's not very legible.)

I didn't know that's what your glasses looked like! That is a nice coincidence. :)

(Hee and yes she is holding on to Lulu's hair for reassurance. One of my favorite details too.)
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  This is so SWEET!  Lulu is using her magic again to help Yuna.  Just makes me love them both even more.
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:) She may not be able to cast blizzara anymore but at least now she can make ice water when it's needed.
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:) I love how you portray Lulu.
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Aaaah thank you! That's probably THE most important aspect of the comic so I'm happy to know I'm doing her justice. :)
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