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Guardian: Page 229

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simplyhertz's avatar
This would be a touching way to depict how the storyline in FF10-3 would play out... But the question is how Square Enix would work that into where FF10-2 left off?
Chikonoyo-Sama's avatar
I like how you added the same piercing Lulu had on Rikku's ear. Little touches like that is one of the big reason i LOVE reading Guardian.

Can't wait for the rest!
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Thank you! :) I like slipping in little details like that.
Raxis's avatar
Oh heh, I just noticed that Tidus is wielding Caladbolg
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Haha yes! I didn't think anyone would notice that since it's so small. He's had enough time to become a chocobo seagull dodging expert. ;)
Raxis's avatar
After that, Yuna's Final Aeon is no sweat :p
Kaysa's avatar
Lovely page as always. Makes me feel for the characters. I am truly amazed on your take on FFX's story, the game is awesome but your story adds so much more to my head canon and fleshes out the characters so much more, so thanks for doing this comic!
I am curious to know your opinion/take on Tidus no longer disappearing (since the Fayth keep dreaming). Also about Auron's fate, if you could share your thoughts with us please :)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
As far as I know, they're still around! I imagine Tidus stayed with Rikku and the other Al Bhed since he was on friendly terms with them. Auron might have the power to disband his own pyreflies and become officially dead at any time (Mika does this in the game, essentially sending himself) but he's stuck it out for at least this one last mission to put down Yevon for good.
poor Lulu :( and the necklaces she had with Yuna's face on it glad she still had it :)
Raxis's avatar
Oh jeez, her Final Aeon form aint pretty no more :(
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
15 years as Sin will do that to a girl. 
Raxis's avatar
Oh wow, it's been 15 years? :O Yeah, that'd be a lot of time for Spira to get ready.
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
I didn’t state it officially in the comic but that’s about how long I imagined it lasting. Lulu has more willpower than Jecht so it makes sense that Yuna’s Calm would last a little longer than the previous one.
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