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Guardian: Page 134

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Tell me about, Lulu. That whole wedding scene was repulsive, I think the only things that made it better was Yuna's gorgeous wedding dress (Seymour has good taste in gowns! But his own outfit, now that was... a little weird...), and Tidus' silly comments of "Seymour!" throughout battles. Like yeah, you CRUSH him, Tidus. Do it!!!

That aside, the panels of Lulu and Yuna in separate beds are both beautiful and heartbreaking, and Seymour's body language in that other panel really... creeps me out. God, he is so freaky. Even without an expression, you manage to portray it so well - I'm in love. 

I'm in love with this story, sorry for my ridiculous comment explosion! 
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Please don't apologize! Comments like yours are a treasure and I've really enjoyed reading them. Thank you for taking the time to write them. I'm really pleased to hear how much you're enjoying my comic. :)
theliekmudkipz's avatar
I'm glad to hear that!
Honestly it's a relief to hear my comment explosion was appreciated.

Your comic is amazing! So it was no trouble at all to write them. 

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 I was struck by the hands all through this page: clasped and closed and scheming, gentle comfort, anxious and restless, grasping (like and yet unlike the way Lulu holds her, since Lulu's comforting her whereas Seymour is TAKING from her), and then that heartbreaking double-pane at the bottom with the frame symbolizing the metaphorical and actual wall between them.
Raxis's avatar
Oh wow, I've never noticed that :)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
I am glad you notice these things because it takes me about a million years to draw hands properly. ;)
Raxis's avatar
Nice work on that :D
Raxis's avatar
Tidus couldn't have been the only one who didn't like the idea of Yuna marrying Seymore :/

Nice page as always :)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
I don't think ANYONE liked the idea! (Except for Seymour.) And thanks. :)
Poor Lulu is always between the "greater good" or her/Yuna happiness.
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