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Guardian: Page 115

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Awesome work so far! I've enjoyed every panel and can't wait for more ^^
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Woo page 100! *pops confetti* 
I noticed your progress with the art once I began reading. Your portrayal of this entire story is just lovely. <3
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Thank you very much! It's come a loooong way since the beginning.
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Yuna's blush in the second frame gives me life! OTL

Lulu in the fourth frame: "This is not going well at all."
Lulu in the fifth frame: "Or maybe actually it is going to be just fine."

All in all, I'm very happy to see how far the story has come. Let's hope for another 100 pages. ;)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Lulu is really having a terrible day, haha. First Yuna got kidnapped and now Yuna's doofy crush is joining the party, along with a national celebrity whom Lulu is realllly hoping doesn't remember her from her childhood. But it all works out.
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Can you remind me (us?) when did Lulu met with Auron? Is it maybe around the time she spent in the temple in Bevelle after her village was destroyed, or something like that? It's been quite a long time since those days and well, it's quite easy to forget some things. BUT that doesn't change the fact that I love you and this wonderful story.

As a side note, Lulu is going to appear in Final Fantasy Record Keeper in the next few days and I'm really pumped since she's one of my favourite characters series-wide.
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
It was a very long time ago, haha. She first met him here at Macalania Temple but what she's really hoping he doesn't recognize her from is when Braska and Co. found her in the Calm Lands after her first pilgrimage failed, in these two pages. That's why she was so embarrassed to see him again.

And aaah I wish I'd stuck with Record Keeper! I was playing it but I have a hard time keeping up with online games.
FanFFX-2's avatar

Lulu is an excellent black mage. I got her Soul Break equipment (lucky me) and it's wonderful since dolls in FFRK are ranged weapons. Hooray!
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Because that's what she remembers him from so it's the first thing she thought of when she saw him! :c
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Last frame IS LOVE! *squeaks* beautiful, great work as always!
And so we reach the point where everyone points out how forced the voiced acting was, despite the whole point of it was deliberately cheesy - due to Tidus feeling a bit on edge after finding out his dad was Sin.
Here's to another 100 DippyWerewolf. I wish you well. 
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This comic has been great fun! I love how you're fleshing out Lulu's story as I feel she was the least developed character in the game.
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
I think that title might go to poor Kimahri, but I agree that Lulu is tragically underdeveloped in the game. Part of the problem though is that a lot of her backstory is only found in hidden scenes, some of which you have to go way out of your way or backtrack to get, and everyone else's chararacter-defining moments just happen throughout the main storyline. But there were a fair number of gaps for me to fill in.
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I believe you're right about Kimahri, as I completely forgot he was there to be considered!! 
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Yuna's happy face when Tidus says "howdy," the thing the game didn't show.

And the most Awkward Silence Ever.

Is that a tiny, rueful smile at lower left — sadness that someone else is the one making Yuna happy, but a bit pleased at her laughter, for all the ridiculousness? 

Heh. Normally my eye would've tracked over the trees, because your backgrounds do the job they're supposed to do, but I love the sponge effect.

(quiet scritch for Sam keeping watch)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
That is pretty much what her expression was meant to convey in the lower left panel, as well as cringing/amusement that Yuna is making a fool of herself but on the other hand, having a good time.

Now you are always going to be aware of my background trees, haha.
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