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Guardian: Page 114

This page features a guest appearance by :iconauronlu:'s very talkative kitty, Samhain! AuronLu said there probably wouldn't be a need for a friendly cat to randomly start chatting up Yuna, but that's actually exactly what this scene does need! There's really no reason for the entire party to be parked here waiting around (while the reunion between Auron and Tidus is happening elsewhere) except that Yuna is looking for a reason to stall for time in the hopes of seeing Tidus again before they have to leave. And here's a convenient distraction rolling around in the sun. :)

Thank you so much for your support, and for contributing your delightful kitty to the comic!

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Hee hee - sheepish Tidus is the best.
melchar's avatar
I love the kitty and Yuna's smile.  I love the flashback.  I *really* love the way you draw Auron [all tight control] and Tidus [all grumpy-faced] as they come walking up.
lureofthesea's avatar
You know all us cat people were loving Samhain's guest appearance!  It fit in perfectly with Yuna 1) giving these guardians a bit of time to resolve their issues and 2) give Yuna an enjoyable moment with a cat since leaving her kitty in Besaid.  And then the startled "Sir Auron!" dragging a sullen Tidus behind him while Lulu flashes back to a painful memory.  Her composure is definitely rattled now!  Terrific work minty!  Your storytelling skills are getting super sharp!
FanFFX-2's avatar
I'm always a heathen for a cat-loving Yuna!
auronlu's avatar
*comes back to gaze at Yuna staring at silly sundancing cat* 

...Samhain giving Yuna a moment of happiness gives ME more than a few moments of happiness, thank you dear. :) 
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
:) *hugs* I'm happy too.
JadeTarsier's avatar
Love Yuna playing with the kitty! (And stalling for Tidus :))  Also love the little flashback to Auron carrying Lulu.  Awesome page!
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