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Guardian: Page 113

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So did the Aurochs win the cup in this story?  If they did it must have been painful for Lulu.  I remember a scene with Wakka saying Chappu was planning to propose when the Aurochs won the cup, I think it was at Mushroom Rock Road?
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Yeah he does! I don't think Lulu knew about that, though, so the outcome of the match didn't have any real significance for her.
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Gosh minty, it's been a hectic month so far.....I feel like I've been neglecting my fave comic!  The top panels were just too brilliant--seeing the others assuming battle stances; ready to fight.  The hatch hisses open; an Al-Bhed guard stumbles out, collapses then Yuna emerges with a big "Oh!" look on her face.  And the grins don't stop there---Lulu's maternal --I hope you hurt them and Yuna's "A little..." always cracks me up.  But it also underscores the fact that Yuna isn't the hapless heroine of yore.  She was putting the whammy on the kidnappers and freeing herself.  Then all the apologies and their feelings as failure to protect Yuna.  Excellent work as always!
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I like that the moogle floats next to Lulu in the fourth frame. And I agree with Kaysa: Lulu looks prettier and prettier with each page.
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Yay! I know, right? I am in love with DippyWerewolf's Lulu (and with her comic/drawings)!
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Lulu looks more and more beautiful with each page and frame you draw her in. I'm so thrilled to see your comic every week and to be able to witness how much more you improve your style with every page! :love: great work!
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Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear I'm improving, haha. :D
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Practice makes perfect and I think you are becoming a greater artist than you already were! I admire that you are able to complete a page per week :) you're awesome!
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I just played through this scene yesterday! I also managed to win the tournament for the first time.
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Congrats! :D That's hard to do.
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