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Guardian: Page 10

Well look who it is.

Never fear, summoners, Auron will always be ready to judge the heck out of your choice in guardians.

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shinimegami23's avatar
What... what if Auron IS my choice in guardian? *blush*

You did him great justice here. :)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Then he will judge himself. ;)
M65P3's avatar
Same ol' Auron as always. :D And Jecht being so knowledgable and understanding. Anyone can be a Guardian if they are willing to guard and lay down their life for their Summoner. That's what Lulu was prepare to do for Summoners like Ginnem and Yuna.

And I love Seymour there in the background.
fastsonicous's avatar
Sadly, as much as I enjoy this EXCELLENT comic. There’s actually one problem here.

One thing I hate doing with prequels (Star Wars did this) is that when they put characters or events in here as if they already know each other. It feels more like an excuse for Fanservice rather than tell a story.

I always thought Lulu would have discovered Braska’s backlash from people’s gossip rather than just meet him.

But overall, most of these are minor and doesn’t get in the way of the story. So yes, This is excellent.
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
It's pretty funny because Jecht has only been in Spira and even known what summoners and guardians are for probably just a few weeks, at most a few months, but he likes to consider himself an expert.  But he's right.
M65P3's avatar
Yea, he is.
Question! Didn't the Calm last 10 years when Braska defeated Sin? Yuna was just a little girl when he did defeat Sin. Or did I hear wrong?
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
He defeated Sin ten years ago but were aren't told how long the Calm lasted. The Ultimania guide says it was only a year, but I have a hard time believing that. It lasted at most nine years, though, because one year before FFX Chappu went off to fight Sin with the Crusaders (and died) and Wakka and Lulu went on a pilgrimage with Father Zuke, so Sin had to be around by then. In this story, I have it lasting for eight years.
M65P3's avatar
I have to read the Ultimania sometime. It seems hard to believe it was only a year as it was mentined in X that Sin was defeated 10 years before. I've always believed that whoever becomes a Fayth could keep Sin from returning for awhile depending on how strong their will is. I think Jecht was able to do just that for longer time.

And I totally forgot about Father Zuke's pilgrimage. ^^;
M65P3's avatar
Yep. :) He made a point when he said it.
melchar's avatar
So cute! And Seymour lurking in the background. Very nice page!
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Thanks! :) Haha yes he is such a friendly helpful temple monk back there, not a patricidal maniac at all . . . (yet).
xXMorbidArtistXx's avatar
Haha! So exciting, i can't wait for more, hopefully this could become an epic comic :3
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
That's my hope too, haha. ;)
auronlu's avatar
OH. "Then you're a guardian... that's all that matters, isn't it?"

Were you deliberately echoing the FFX scene at the entrance of Macalania Temple, when a priest challenges Rikku's right to enter and Auron stands up for her? As if he'd learned that lesson from THIS scene?
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Haha no! That actually wasn't intentional; at least I didn't mean to evoke that scene so closely.

However I did figure that that was a lesson he had learned from Jecht later on, because he was so skeptical of his appropriateness as a guardian in the beginning, but in the end they got to Zanarkand and he saw him chosen to become the fayth for the Final Aeon. Here he's skeptical of Lulu for being too young and too naive, and later on he's skeptical of Rikku for being both naive and an Al Bhed, but he remembers that despite his doubts, Jecht turned out to be a great guardian and an okay guy, so he stops giving Rikku a hard time. But that's not a thing I intended to engage again for a few chapters.
auronlu's avatar
You've punted the Ultimania timeline, but I don't care -- Ultimania is supplement not game-canon.

My first reaction, was, of course, glee. I truly did laugh aloud at the last panel, both at Jecht's "dolling" Lulu (what would she have said to him were she older, I wonder?) and Auron's classic "Hmph." Also Braska, ever the mediator.

I love Lulu's response to Shiva's song, and I love the idea that this was the first active pilgrimage temple that she saw. While I've always associated her most of all with lightning — I'm not sure why, save that she must've used it often with the flans of Besaid, and she uses it in a couple cutscenes — Shiva's the aeon that seems to match Lulu most. (And, while Lulu's sigil comes from the lightning game, her ultimate weapon unlocks Shiva's damage limit).

Also, you answer the question of why there's only a few temples along the pilgrimage, yet the map legend clearly shows there are smaller temples scattered around Spira.

The conversation between Jecht and Lulu has the usual bittersweet FFX bite to it — both of them so committed to their summoners, yet naive in what they are promising. Yet in some ways the child probably understands the full burden of the pilgrimage's cost better than Jecht does, although neither knows the whole truth.

And, as always, I'm reminded of Lulu's "If one of us must become a fayth...I volunteer." Jecht did. She would've. So there's a lot of unwitting foreshadowing packed into that chance encounter.

(I will now set aside rational thought and squee over the initial collision between Auron and young!Lulu, which I always imagine to be a cranky one. Yes, just like that!)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Yeah I came upon the Ultimania timeline after I had written the script and was kind of like "Ohhhhh botherrrr," but I liked the story that I had, so after some deliberation I decided not to change it. It is though, like you said, a supplement, and I have been diligent about not contradicting anything ever stated as canon in the game itself. I also don't like some of the Ultimania details, especially the idea that the Calm only ever lasts for a year. A YEAR!! So according to that there have only been five years of Calm in the past millennium. It just made the collective sacrifices of all the summoners and guardians who died trying to fight Sin seem really insignificant. I think it's better if they don't know how long it will last, and they can all hold on to the hope that maybe, this time, their Calm will be the one that sticks.

I imagine there are a lot of smaller villages, with or without temples, scattered around Spira that we just never get to see because they aren't significant to the pilgrimage. (I wish X-2 had opened up the world more to us too, rather than just letting us visit the same places. I would have loved to be able to just run around exploring.) I left a (very) subtle hint about what happened to the fayth of Lulu's home temple though way back on the first page of this chapter. :)

And haha I will not lie, foreshadowing is my favorite plot device. Because Jecht and Lulu (and Auron) do see each other again in Zanarkand, but not in the way they're expecting here, and by then their awareness of what is truly asked of a guardian has shifted radically, for all three of them.
auronlu's avatar
Ooo, I can't wait!

Also, I completely agree with you about the idea that the Calms only last a year. Even as fatalistic as Yevonites are, that's a pretty pointless sacrifice.

(I also have a bit of a beef with "Lulu's Story," which I feel tries to minimize the strength of the character in some ways.)
SummonerMintywolf's avatar
Yeah I had some problems with that too. Mainly that it made her out to be waaaay more woobly about Chappu. Although personally, I don't think the whole deal with Lulu and Chappu was a plotline that needed to be included at all.

And while I really liked the idea of Lulu volunteering as a guardian as soon as Yuna announced her decision to become a summoner in an effort to get to Sin first, and try to prevent Yuna's pilgrimage in the first place, I wanted her to have a more personal connection to her other summoners, particularly Lady Ginnem. (Hence, this story that you are reading now.)
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