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Guardian: Page 1

I've always been fascinated by the idea of Lulu becoming the fayth for Yuna's Final Aeon, the final act of devotion of a guardian for her summoner, and loved that she's the one to volunteer. (So much so that I decided to devote several years of my life writing an unwieldy graphic novel exploring the motivations for her decision, apparently. ;))

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Honestl. I should do a review on this comic. It’s one of my favorite Webcomics along with Persona 5 ACAU.

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If you would like to, feel free! I should be done redrawing the older pages in a few weeks, so the comic will be finally finished for real, if you want to wait until then.
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oooh! Love it, glad i found your dA account :")
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Thanks! I'm glad you found it too. I hope you enjoy Guardian. :)
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Perhaps I can finally read it properly now! XDD
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Tydus isn't having any of this shit xp
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I wonder what her Aeon would look like...
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Wow, this looks promising! :D
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As of this comment, I LOVE THIS IDEA~
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