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RubberDucky Roy

By SummerWolf
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The full sketch has his legs. This is....the first sketch, then fixed with the mouse. Ah. Painstaking. Because my scanner just HAD to break down, and I somehow can't find my tablet stylus. Woe be college students fresh out of midterm exams.


Please excuse the messiness.

Now, Colonel, don't look at me like that....I'm not trying to make fun of you, honest....
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duck why is he a i like it
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WTF. XD. Save Roys head. That's so awesome. So awesome I can't laugh because I'm sleepy and sleepy people don't laugh, especially when it makes their dog bark and wake up their entire neighborhood. So forgive my unenthusiasm. I have a halfassed excuse.
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Oh gosh...Summie!!!*run and glomp* Haha, this is so cute. Too cute.
We don't see much of you lately on LJ ;_;. OR well, I'm never on Royai anymoe~.~. Who am I to talk like I'm some close one O_o?

Slap that brat currently tsmpamming your DA ( a k a: me), she deserves it.
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sooooooooooooooooo cute. *huggles poor roy*