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Kalokohan to!!! Isa lang ang nararapat na gawaran ng title na yan at un ay walang iba kundi si...

:worship: TIA PUSIT! :worship:

go Tia Pusit!!! :clap:
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D.A 01: Page 14 by MikeDeodatoJr D.A 01: Page 13 by MikeDeodatoJr D.A 01: Page 10 by MikeDeodatoJr
D.A 01: Page 11 by MikeDeodatoJr D.A 01: Page 12 by MikeDeodatoJr D.A 01: Pages 30-31 by MikeDeodatoJr
Wolverine Hunger Cover by sjsegovia so nice to be working with :iconsjsegovia: again, really amazing lines and details

also there's an upcoming Wolverine Noir series which I colored, u can check the previews here >>>>…

those arent the final colors though, had some stuff to edit there

Tekk Kerr guys and gays
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No, I'm not coloring his work LOL, I'm just happy that he's back with Marvel, he's my fave :bounce:

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my collab with  :iconmarkovah: is in the back cover yay! :bounce:
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