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Marvel Comics Presents 3

Penciled by DAVE WILKINS, STUART IMMONEN, :iconmcornelius: & ANDREA DIVITO
The premiere comics anthology gets invaded—by Magneto! Witness a tale of the beginnings of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch guest–starring. Meanwhile, Hellcat continues battling for her very survival, Weapon Omega faces down demons both internal and external, and a routine murder investigation has lead to something—or someone—called…the Vanguard!

lineart by Mike Deodato :iconmikedeodatojr:
shite stuff by moi

© Marvel Comics
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kinda reminds me of spawn 
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
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Magneto is The Best X-men Villain but You Feel Sorry for all The pain and Suffering he been though, he wants to Protect Mutant Kind from Human Kind. Human Race done horrible things and Need To be stop.
He is a Hand of God, The Mutant Messiah, The Vengeful one. 
Undoubtedly, Magneto is one of the most amazing anti-heroes of the Marvel Universe. And it is clear that this picture does it justice
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Your art is awesome, and it's just what I need for my team. Do you mind joining here:

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He's probably my favorite marvel villain, great work!
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Cool! Awesome work! =D :happybounce:
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Stunning picture of the Master of Magnetism.
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how magneto shuld always be depicted.
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Maxim Eisenhardt (alias Erich Magnus Lehnsherr), a Jew (who also happened to be a mutant) growing up in Nazi Germany, was a witness to the horrors of the Holocaust. After World War II ended, Maxim became resentful of the humans who persecuted not only the Jews, but also mutantkind. Taking the name Magneto, he formed the Brotherhood of Mutants in order to destroy Homo sapiens and build a new society for mutants. He has two children--Pietro (Quicksilver) and Wanda (Scarlet Witch) Maximoff.
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PURE EVIL and for a good reason.
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Not pure evil. You should check out Red Skull...
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Bending Metal: LIKE A BOSS! Running Countries: LIKE A BOSS!
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Having enough power over magnetism to take planets out of orbit and pull the iron out of you very blood! LIKE THE BOSSIEST OF BOSSES! ;)
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Nice! i love magneto. he's one my favorite characters
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Really sick. Love the colors. And style
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Magneto rules the world !!! I like it, great work
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I like this very dark and menacing shot.

And the pose is very menacing, controlling and overall appropriate.

Awesome job.

And thank you kindly for your submission to In The Panels.

:iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels: :iconinthepanels:

If possible, please consider joining.
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That is the shit!
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This has been one of my favorite images of Magneto for a while now. Absolutely incredible job. :D
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Magneto rocks. He's so :iconpringlesplz: .
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