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some quickie rendering before I get swamped in work :(

lineart by one of our best (and underrated) artists :iconarielpadilla:

colors by moi
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I'm struggling here.
This is so amazing I keep typing out compliments and nothing seems to be good enough.
So i'm just gonna say "Fantastique!". 
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Awesome!  And I love your animated Gambit icon above!!! :love:
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Beautiful painting, I especially love the effects on the cards. Definitely a fav :D
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Amazing! Gambit is so cool. Thanks I love this picture.
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Oh Gambit. How awesome you are :-) Great pic, can imagine this is what his enemies would see right before he throws a card at them :-)
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Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. :)
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Sweet! I like the lighting
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This is made of pure awesomeness nice job on the colors...oh Gambit he had grown on me...:heart:

Though I do believe the light on the cards is a tad bit bright, otherwise good job!
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nice. not only is he my fav x-men, but also my favorite superhero
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a perfect job
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I feel like he's gonna twirl that staff and send me flying into the nearest wall. Awesome pic!
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OMG! Gambit be my favorite x-man
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I love Gambit :love:
Very nice job !!
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Yay! *pathetic longtime faingirl squee*
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So. Much. Badassness.
This looks amazing, I'm such a big fan of Gambit.
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Gambit has never looked so rad.
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what can i say!! awesome!!
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one of my fav marvel character nice work and love the colors too
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