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November 19, 2007
Nothing's Wrong by =Summers-Solstice - A captivating visual representation of how we respond to questions that we either don't want to answer, or are defensive about. Nothing's wrong, I swear.
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Nothing's Wrong

Sometimes, words get in the way.

Sometimes, we say so much that no one hears what we mean.

Sometimes, when you talk enough, when you make enough excuses, the words that you're screaming go unheard.

If you faved this and it's gone, please read before asking why. [link]

Check it out,

~Sophie118 made a companion piece to Nothing's Wrong: Why Can't You See?
(Made with my permission.)
~TatooPerdiguerra Made Leave out All the Rest, inspired by Nothing's Wrong and the description quote.
I'm fine, I'm okay by ~funkygirl4ever95lit

If you make something inspired by this piece, send me a link, I'll add it to the list. (:
I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what the text says. When I originally posted this, I never intended to share that, because the point was that you wouldn’t be able to tell. But then I kind of caved and typed up the first four layers (which in the piece are the lightest shades of gray that get covered over). You can read them here: [link] And that’s all I’m ever going to be able to post (unless I remake it) because this wasn’t a PSD file and all the layers all got smushed as a .tif, and I can’t remember exactly what I wrote.

Also, I’m going to try to reply to all the comments and at least attempt to visit all the people that faved this – but it may take a while because I’m really slow when it comes to that. So thank you so much for making my Monday if you’re reading this. (:


Edit #2:
I have to admit that I can't keep up with the number of comments and faves this piece gets. I need a whole other message center so I can separate the messages for this from the rest of my gallery lol. I do read everyone's comments, and I appreciate you taking the time to actually write out your thoughts on it. If I don't reply it's only because I can't think of anything intelligent to say and I don't want to double the number of pages by posting some variation of 'Thank you'. This description is getting long...

Edit #3:
I feel like there is this, and then there is my gallery. Please do not +watch based on this because I do not make visual poetry. This is where I wite: ~Ebony-Snow but it's not like this, fyi.
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I can actually say, I feel this one. Great work! +fav +fav