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Sea of Dreams by SummerDreams-Art Sea of Dreams by SummerDreams-Art

Out in the sea, just me and my dreams. What can be more sweeter than to be with all the things I love- the twinkling stars shining so silently and beautifully, the moon shining down and glistening the gentle rippling waves with it's cold lighting.

Where books and knowledge instills the brave feelings in all those who are willing to be guided by its light and power.

When I hear the sea gulls, it tells me that I'm nearing the shores.....the end of my journey. That I'm finally my sweet abode, in my sweet dreamland.

And there I stand, a solitary dreamer dreaming of the sea as the gentle salty breeze flows through my hair, closing my eyes I bathe in the sweet tranquility which wraps its gentle arms around, taking me to my blissful dreamland.

Just another mediocre piece that my unmotivated self managed to do. Being an artist is no longer an easy hobby for me, and I struggle to stay focused and dedicated on any art that I start...many ideas but no motivation! I guess my days as an artist are numbered as what grows will one day decline too. So to all those who loved my creations, enjoy it while it lasts! ;)

There is nothing much to say about this work other than it was nothing but just struggles and only struggles and till the last moment I had doubts about posting it though hoping that someone somewhere will still love it. :nod:

This is my entry for the Sweet Land Contest held by :iconmagicladycharm: at :iconworld-of-art-kingdom: which was inspired by my favourite song:…

Also this is an early birthday dedication to my dear friends,
:cake: :iconaledjonesdigitalart: :iconadrianamusettidavila: :icondani-owergoor: :cake:
May your special day be as beautiful as you all are!:blowkiss:

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Let me start off with WOW! This is so cool! The tree is beautiful, I love the detail in it. The way that the water underneath the tree also looks like grass that the petals are llying on is stunning. Everything that is water is beautiful, the waves, the waterfalls. The night sky is gorgeous, however with the moon being a crest, there should not be any stars in the dark part of the moon. This part of the moon is just too dark to see, The stars behind the moon wouldn't show through. The clouds are a nice touch as well that give the sky more life. I really like the birds, they add a comical effect to the image. The detail on the ladder really gets lost against the box, At first I couldn't see the highlights and didn't notice the broken rung. I think that even though they are different colors of brown, the ladder should have been the lighter color because the image itself is so dark. The contrast might just make it easier to see. I love the girl and the subtle suggestion of wind that comes with her hair. However, where she is located in the image provides a bit of confusion of the scale of things. She is standing in the same plane as the box, and therefore it looks like she is taller than it, which I feel retracts from the overall grandiose of the image. It's hard to interpret if the box is small, or she is large and also how far away the box is from her. To me at least it seems as if she sould be looking out, but the box is closer to the 'viewer' than she is. I think this might be fixed if the tree was set further back into the water, maybe with the far end just grazing the horizon. I also appreciate the fact that she is standing facing the ocean, not the tree. It gives a bit of character to her, the fact that she doesn't notice or doesn't care to look at the box. Overall though, This piece astounded me, keep up the good work.
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