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One last lonely journey by SummerDreams-Art One last lonely journey by SummerDreams-Art

No matter how much you love something or someone, there comes a certain point in your life where you've to walk away from it all...
And then it all just gets lonelier in the end!!

I know I've been out of the artistic scene for quite a while and struggling a lot to survive as an artist now.
And this really simple art is all that I could come up with. For this I would like to thank my dearest Lora :iconlora-vysotskaya: for instilling the idea & inspiration and for her utmost support and understanding during my 'black days'.:hug:

I wanted to work on something with less colours seeing that nearly all my artworks in 2017 were inundated with saturated & vibrant colours.
Like something less showy with regards to colours and more attentive and impactful emotionally!

Entry for the  All Mediums Contest: OppositesGallery Descriptions and Miscats Month
Dear all,
Welcome again to our Gallery Descriptions and Miscats month, you're in for a wild ride. I'd like to announce the special all mediums contest we'll be hosting here:
Pick a piece of art you've created in the past, and create its complete opposite.
What does this mean?
This is an easy contest in the sense that "opposites" are open to interpretation but also there are so many potential "opposites" to something you have made, so you have endless options. Here are some examples:
If you painted a portrait of a feminine young woman, you could create an opposite that would be a portrait of an older very masculine man.
If you made a necklace of the moon and stars, you could create a necklace of the sun and clouds.
If you took a photograph of a beautiful landscape at sunrise, you could take a photograph of an eerie dark forest at sunset.
If you wrote a dark chapter about someone's murde
 contest held by :iconprojecteducate:

This is the opposite of my piece which coincidentally also happened to be posted almost around the same time 2 years ago.
Even though both the pieces depict a departure, a going away on a journey scenario, I wanted to show two opposite scenes where I've even used an opposite gender.

In the first scene, the girl is shown to have just set out- the beginning of her journey where she is still surrounded by the homely feelings and presence in form of the familiar countryside, the landscape and everything else.

:: Home is Behind :: by SummerDreams-Art

In the second (current) scene, a man walking down an unfamiliar, unfriendly and a lonely path towards the final journey- the end of the road....and the end of everything else.
He is walking loneliness!

:cake:Belated and early birthday dedication for :cake:

Taylor Jackson Cemetery 26
Taylor Jackson Cemetery 57
Elkhorn Ghost Town 100
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