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Humies - Try On
By Summer-Meeks   |   Watch
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Published: March 16, 2019
© 2019 Summer-Meeks
At least the store clerk didn't keep her. So...silver lining, maybe...?
As always, feedback is appreciated.

"Humies" idea originally created by :icon91bb:

"Ugh, they're out of my size! Can you believe that??"
I peeked around the clothing racks to see what my bestie Eva was grumbling about. She held up several pairs of striped black and white panties, all in different sizes. Her lips were pursed in disappointment. "What's wrong?" I tried. "There's plenty of other styles and patterns down this aisle." She shook her head, looking even more frustrated. "Nah, these are Humie-brand panties. They're soooo's like they snuggle you perfectly. They hardly ever have any whenever I shop here. I guess they can't restock them fast enough."
"Yeah. New company, I think. European or something. Gawd, I only have one other pair! And that was the last one they had when I bought it!"
"Aw, c'mon, Evie...we can always check back in a few days."
"I've been stopping by for three weeks! It feels like they always run out right before I get here!"
"Alright, alright, chill. I'll...ask one of the store clerks, okay? Before I go deaf from all this complaining."
"Eat my ass," she teased, tossing a pair at me. I stuck my tongue out at her, catching the pair in one hand. Walking towards the back of the store, I found a worker with hot pink hair reorganizing the shoe shelves.
"Excuse me," I said. She raised an eyebrow, as if my presence bothered her to no end. "My, ah, friend was wondering if you had any more of these in a large size?" I held up the striped panties.
Her eyes glistened. A chill ran down my spine. She stared at me for a moment, looking me up and down. "Mmm...we do now," she said nonchalantly.
I was about to ask what she meant when she reached up and booped my nose, sending a sharp tingle across my face. I yelped softly. "H-hey! What..."
Before I could say more, my body wavered and slumped forward. The clerk caught me, pulling me up to meet her gaze. Her dark eyes filled me with terror, but I couldn't make any sounds. She seemed to grow larger and larger, the ground falling away from my feet as I shrank in her fingers. My arms and legs wove together, then fused...I think. I could see my skin taking on a black-and-white striped pattern. I was...I was...
With a devious smirk, she turned and pointed to the security camera on the wall behind her. Its red light flickered violently. Then she clipped a tag into my body. I could feel the plastic force its way through my...fibers. She began walking, my tiny fabric body bouncing up and down softly in her grip. Out of the corner of my vision I could see her approaching Eva, who was still looking at underwear. I couldn't even call out to warn her. My voice wouldn't work and I couldn't feel my mouth anymore.
"I believe you were looking for this size?~" the witch said in a friendly tone. Eva's eyes widened as she smiled. "Yeah! Wait, how did you know--" She trailed off as the witch booped her on the nose. "Don't worry about it~" she instructed. Eva's eyes glazed over for a second, then she blinked. "Umm...y-yeah. Thanks so much!" She scooped me up into her hands and headed straight for the dressing room. I was relieved to be away from that witch, but terrified at what was about to happen. <Evie...don't do this...> I thought desperately. She didn't hear me. I winced as the tag was yanked out of me, and set aside so that I'd be purchased.
She slipped off her pants and underwear, then stretched me around her feet and ankles. I would've squirmed if I could. Being stretched and twisted by her hands felt so...weird. Within seconds she slid me up her thighs, pressing my face tightly into her crotch. I groaned silently as my face was buried between her ass cheeks. The smell was anything but pleasant. She tasted earthy and musky. Her pillowy cheeks filled my peripheral vision. I couldn't see much else at this point besides her puckered asshole, but I could feel her twisting and turning. Probably checking me out in the mirror. Then everything went dark as she pulled her pants up over me, pressing me even deeper into her. Her smelly pucker brushed and twitched against my face. I could feel part of myself hug her nether lips, conforming around them.
Her ass cheeks began twisting and pulling me back and forth. I guessed she was walking somewhere, likely to the register. Why hadn't she noticed I was gone?? Did the witch have something to do with---
"Find everything you need?" Her voice was faint, and muffled by the ass flesh and pants surrounding me. I felt Eva's ass cheeks jiggle slightly as she bounced up and down in excitement. "Mhm!~"
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I'm sure friend-panties would know their owner well and make for the most comfortable of all the Humies. Though she might get a little closer to her friend than she was before :)
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BattleMageTinonProfessional Interface Designer
This is brilliant!
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Fantastic as always^_^
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Really nice as history. She finally found a panties that suits her ^^
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So excited to see you post!! :) this is a great one! Something about the nose booping is so twisted and the staring at the puckered butthole was really encapsulating hehe
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Mmm, her senses have to be focused somewhere, right? ;3
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