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It's Good To Be Bad by summer-leah98 It's Good To Be Bad :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 4 0 Chocolate Chunk by summer-leah98 Chocolate Chunk :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Silhouette by summer-leah98 Silhouette :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Friends Forever by summer-leah98 Friends Forever :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Hades Pitchfork by summer-leah98 Hades Pitchfork :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Be A Moon Doggie by summer-leah98 Be A Moon Doggie :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Snowflake Staff by summer-leah98 Snowflake Staff :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Dawnies OC Meme by summer-leah98 Dawnies OC Meme :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Arachnid Amigos by summer-leah98 Arachnid Amigos :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 3 2 Cherrymel by summer-leah98 Cherrymel :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 1 0 Chicken Nuggets Not Pictured by summer-leah98 Chicken Nuggets Not Pictured :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 1 0 Charryblossom's OC Meme by summer-leah98 Charryblossom's OC Meme :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Lightning Bow by summer-leah98 Lightning Bow :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 2 0 Fall Dance Selfie by summer-leah98 Fall Dance Selfie :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 1 0 Be A Gidget by summer-leah98 Be A Gidget :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 0 0 Angela's There Too by summer-leah98 Angela's There Too :iconsummer-leah98:summer-leah98 1 0


Auction CLOSED - Precious Predator clothes by Guppie-Vibes Auction CLOSED - Precious Predator clothes :iconguppie-vibes:Guppie-Vibes 86 30 Daily Paint 2117. Bearrito by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2117. Bearrito :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,446 140 Human Starscream (if Loki were in TF Universe) by Naihaan Human Starscream (if Loki were in TF Universe) :iconnaihaan:Naihaan 431 162 Mulan by NeoArtCorE Mulan :iconneoartcore:NeoArtCorE 8,080 178 Butterscotch (MLP OC) by Lissy-Green Butterscotch (MLP OC) :iconlissy-green:Lissy-Green 62 27 MLP:FiM Blue Belle by chibikasai MLP:FiM Blue Belle :iconchibikasai:chibikasai 22 4
Technical Twins Ch.6 - Theater Trip
Wyatt and I had decided to go out to see a movie to pass the time. Neither of us really knew what we were going to see, but that didn't really matter to us. I parked us next to a handicapped spot and began calmly fixing my hair. He, however, was freaking out.
"I should've disguised myself! What was I thinking? I could've put on anything but instead I'm just putting myself on display!"
"Please calm down. Just be yourself and answer questions without killing anyone."
"You know very well how hard that is!"
I sighed, "I'm just worried what NATA would do if you couldn't handle publicity. Consider this a practice run for your big reveal."
"I'll try. I just hope everyone treats me as an equal."
"I understand."
As we walked to the ticket booth, Wyatt was preparing himself for human interaction (which included self-slapping and repeating 'I can do this'). As we did so, we got plenty of stares, but he was doing his best to ignore them.
"Welcome to-" The ticket girl stopped, stared, and paled as
:iconpizzarobot63:pizzarobot63 2 0
CLOSED- 19 pack Outfits by Guppie-Vibes CLOSED- 19 pack Outfits :iconguppie-vibes:Guppie-Vibes 137 83 Nyu's Art MEME by AlexAnima Nyu's Art MEME :iconalexanima:AlexAnima 3 7 Nyu's Art Meme attempt by clee3rd Nyu's Art Meme attempt :iconclee3rd:clee3rd 8 0
Technical Twins Ch.5 - Messages
Battery fully charged. Exiting sleep mode.
The world came back into view, just much darker now that the sun had fully gone down. William was breathing softly beside me, unaware of my boot-up. 'Wait, why'd I wake up?'
A small sound resembling skipping rocks went off, causing me to flinch. 'That wasn't his phone.' It went off again and I slowly got up and walked out of the room. It chimed again, at the same volume. 'So it's coming from me?' I began looking over my body to try to find the source, finding it on my left arm. 'Alright, now what?' I began fiddling with the touch sensors and poking the metal still visible. It was only when I pressed some kinda button on one of the gaps above one that it flipped open, revealing a screen with multiple messages from an unknown sender with a keyboard under it.
Are you awake?
Are these getting to you?
Did they even install this?
Please respond when or if you can
:iconpizzarobot63:pizzarobot63 2 0
Liquid Terror
    This decrepit old house was hard to sleep in as it is, why did the wind have to be so strong in this area too? It made me think the roof was going to fall any second. Like usual, I was lying awake in bed, unable to get a wink of sleep.
    My family had moved here a week ago when we were low on family funds and the apartment manager threatened to throw us into the street. This was the cheapest place we could find that was close to both my parents’ work. The small house itself wasn’t in the best condition, the gray exterior was chipping away and being covered with moss and vines. The interior fared slightly better, with the simple dark green wallpaper only peeling away instead of rotting and smelling, and was probably filled with insects. The hardwood floor throughout most of the house was there, at least, but it threatened to break under even my weight.
    As my eyelids began to droop once again, the worst pos
:iconpizzarobot63:pizzarobot63 2 0
Message for Watchers
More specifically, the inactive ones. You know who you are. I'm not sure if you're the silent type that never feels the need to say anything, but I know most of your profiles are active. If you actually look at and enjoy my content, comment so I know. If you watched me and don't even bat my notifications an eye as you delete them, save me the trouble of having to hope for feedback that will never come.
I'm mentioning you so this pops up somewhere you may see as 'more important' 
:iconbillybof: :iconsummer-leah98: :iconghostiibear: :iconfnafmangl: :iconLitosns:
StarshipTwinkle and OllieNebula are outliers
(Moved Accounts)    (Know they're active)
:iconpizzarobot63:pizzarobot63 1 4
Loki: Harmed god by Dreambeing Loki: Harmed god :icondreambeing:Dreambeing 987 101 Loki: Looking for this? by Dreambeing Loki: Looking for this? :icondreambeing:Dreambeing 298 33 Tom Hiddlestone - Avengers Loki by Badhazar Tom Hiddlestone - Avengers Loki :iconbadhazar:Badhazar 11 2


Technically, they always have been, I just didn't do any of the last ones. Since my heart is in art more, I have five slots open. I'll fill them in once I get five requests I am willing to do. I'm good with humans and humanoid characters, and I'd love drawing Transformers Animated characters and OCs. I will consider ponies, but I am not that good. No NSFW, and if I feel uncomfortable with a request that sounds fetishy, I'll deny it. 

1. :iconblowsvapes: OC
2. :iconprentis-65: OCs
3. :iconjoshspeed7: Upgraded Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated and her pogo stick (COMPLETE)
4. :iconfaeriiefioss: X David from Camp Camp
5. :iconnick07208: Wanda from The Magic School Bus Rides Again as the Yellow Power Ranger
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Hey, it's Summer, the creator of the Electricutie comic book! Read Electricutie at the link featured in this widget!


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