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Ancient dragon

One more work for CCGame "BERSERK" must be ve-e-ery ancient and ve-e-ery wise dragon

Not sure I was got exactly such temper.
But I like what I made. :D
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The heat haze in front of the mouth is awesome!
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Very well done detailed and exact I have seen a lot of your work and I personally think dragons is just rite for your artistic ways. Nod Giggle Nod 
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Wow! That's all I can say....... Wow!
darkmorgull's avatar
Brutal!!!!!!   :D
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This dragon looks very old and wise, id love to sit down and hear a story from him.
Not only detail that makes it realistic, but detail for make it look very old as well.
Mineko-San's avatar
Amazing and fantastic...
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yes, you got the exact temper. looks like he's opening his mouth to give an advice. looks pretty old, and very wise.
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Thank you very much
lordmep's avatar
Fantastic detail.
fairyqueen77's avatar
You're right, he looks incredibly wise :)
I like dragons very much. That picture is one of the highest level
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wow, there'is a lot of details here!:clap::+fav:
I like the fact that it is unclear in front of the mouth as heat or something like that, do I wrong?
Sumerky's avatar
Yes you right, its heat. I like when someone to see this detail.
I try to make his breathing much visible, but background is to blur.
Wind-Flower's avatar
Well, when I look artwork, I like turn my attention on details that I noticed, because in general, the person take the time an make effort on them. ;p
Although, it must be visible, if i saw it :)
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nicely detailed
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