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Sooo I haven't been at all faithful to my online presence these past few months. Sorry! But the good news is that with some of the time I could have been updating accounts I've been working on cosplay!

These two weeks alone I'm doing FIVE shoots, which is a little crazy, even for me, lol. xD

But each of them have been great! I can't wait to get the photos back and edited!

This weekend is going to see perhaps my favorite of the shoots since I'll FINALLY be unveiling "Secret-Kun," after choosing to keep them hidden for both AX and AniCali. I will be working with a brilliant photographer in a beautiful venue, so please look out for that!

But in the meantime I will slowly be uploading photos from:

-Mawaru Penguindrum
-Eureka 07
-Mekakucity Actors / Kagerou Project
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Atelier Rorona
-Dangan Ronpa
-Attack on Titan
-Trashy Disney AoT AU
-Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
-Terror in Resonance
-Fire Emblem: Awakening

So it's definitely a lot! It's been a great summer and I've made so many amazing friends between fans, cosplayers, and photographers alike.

I almost don't want to leave for Japan!, I'm totally excited! I'll still miss everyone A LOT, but it's been a great ride~~~

Thanks to everyone who's helped to make this summer as awesome as it's been! And thanks for your support for my friends and my Cosplay! I love hearing your feedback~

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So I had a really great time at AX this year! Probably my best AX yet! 

I got to see and hang out with almost everyone I wanted to see and get to look at some amazing and inspiring cosplays! And thanks to the great time I had I decided to go to Anime California later this summer so I can finally show off my secret cosplay (I WILL FINISH IT BY THEN! ><).

I also finally got my own cosplay page on Facebook, Tamadachi Cosplay, so if you are interested in keeping track of my life you can find me there. x3


I got a lot of photos at AX though, so I will be slowly updating them. Also planning to do some location shoots in the upcoming weeks which is really exciting because those are always so much fun~ Plus I want to practice posing, lol. xD

I hope to meet more people at Anime Calfornia before I jet off to Japan, but it's been a really great summer so far regardless. 


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So I came on here expecting to write a journal on how I never come on here anymore...and then realized that I already wrote one! That's weird. I honestly have no recollection of writing that.

I've been really lazy (with everything, really) with cleaning up photos and posting them. I should probably get on that. And after AX I'll only have more photos to deal with. xD But I'm happy to have photo shoots for all my costumes, so I guess that's okay. :3

Speaking of AX, it's right around the corner! And for some strange reason I feel...nothing at all. Most likely because I've spent the past few days holed up in my room listening to Welcome to Night Vale while cleaning / working on trivial cosplay matters, then, once night falls, retreating even more into the darkness to play obscure emotion-charging videogames.

True story.

I also wandered around several parks in LA alone dressed as Eren Jaeger...but that's a different tale for another time.

Well here is my AX lineup! It's officially officiated! Probably. I've also been jumping through random Penguindrum episodes, so that's been a thing.

P~L~E~A~S~E feel free to come up and talk to me if you see me at AX. Whether you do so because you actually read this or just think I look interesting, nice, or at least not a complete imbecilic a**hole. It very well may be my last US con for a year. Wow that felt scary to write. But it's true. I'm also officially accepted into my study abroad program, so I'll be going to Japan! I hope to save up for a nice new camera before then, so maybe I'll learn to take nice, not-totally-amateur-ish picts and upload them here. :3

Anyways, back to AX lineup. Hope to meet some people there~  ^-^

Day 0
-Himari Takakura (Triple H Version) from Mawaru Penguindrum

Day 1
-Nice from Hamatora
-Yukine (Green Jacket Version) from Noragami
-Yukine (Phantom Version) from Noragami

Day 2
-Robin (Tactician Version) from Fire Emblem: Awakening
-Shintaro Kisaragi (NEET Version) from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors
-???????? (Secret Cosplay) from ???
OR if I don't finish it in time
-Rorona from Atelier Rorona

Day 3
-Dominic Sorel (Normal Military Unit Version) from Eureka 7
-Izaya Orihara from Durarararararara!!

Day 4
-Kyoukai no Kanata from Kyoukai no Kanata
-Nagisa Hazuki from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

I'm super excited! Can't wait to go out with a B*A*N*G* xD
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I haven't been on DA in Hella long...mostly because I began to try and get into Tumblr and also because I've just been really busy with life / finals / traveling. But I've had some pretty good memories so far...

Yesterday I went shopping in the Fashion District for fabric for my secret cosplay. Not sure if I'll be able to finish it all for AX but I'm going to do my best. If I'm not satisfied with it though I definitely want to wait to debut it since it means a loooot to me. U,U.

Other than that most of my AX cosplay is done! I just need to style some wigs here, fix some things there, add some details there...the only costumes I really have a lot to do on is for our Princess Mononoke group and my secret cosplay. But I'll do my best. ><

Had a pretty nice time this weekend at Ninjacon / of my friends from school is here which may never happen again so we're trying to make the best of it. We might even go to Disneyland in cosplay and #noregrets.

I will be busy working on stuff and whatnot...also fallen hard into a videogame phase so that's mostly what I'm doing when not driving around / working on cosplay, lol. And trying to re-watch / catch up on anime. ><

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I just really feel the need to post this somewhere because Internet generation and the least people who know me IRL follow me here so -hides-.

I was able to do something today that I wish I had been able to do a year ago. It was rally hard for me and I kept trying to weasel out of it, but in the end it just happened so naturally and even though I still think I made an idiot of myself it was in a good way and it feels kind of surreal now, but I feel like I got over a major hurdle in my life. Things don't seem so insurmountable, now. Or maybe this feeling will die away tomorrow. Either way, I'll enjoy it while it lasts. And perhaps regret it tomorrow. Maybe.

...Might as well now I'm randomly venting things I also just really want to say that there is the hottest guy in my philosophy class and I sat next to him for the first time the other day and he spoke to me and -melts-. But damn even his voice is hot with this European accent, what is with this kid? He is like my ideal man, at least appearance-wise. And he's really smart and on-top of least in that class...but also not a douchebag like a lot of smart guys who give off this aura of "I'm better than you," just seems down-to-Earth and even his name is hot (it's freaking Sebastian, like, can you not?) I can't wow.

-Okay done-
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-Talks about Mana Khemia-

(Even though I've been playing more Tales lately...why is AsbelxCheria endship when AsbelxRichard is so canon? xD).
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Yay! I surpassed 1000 page views! It's not the first time this has happened for one of my DA accounts but it makes me the happiest since cosplay is really important to me and I feel like I'm not that great as a cosplayer. >< Getting support from others for doing what I love is really touching, though, and inspires me to keep getting better!  * o*

I have a lot of cosplays and shoots lined up for the near future, and there are still countless photos I never uploaded ( OTZ sorry for being so slow), so please look forward to more activity in the coming weeks! xD

I need to get on top of my cosplay game because I need SENPAI to notice me! ; ^; -Tears of determination-

In other news...has anyone kept up with Hamatora? The latest episode just KILLED me. //dead
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Didn't think this would be coming up so quick (are people noticing me because Senpai didn't?).

But yea...since this is my new (ish) DA account I always wanted to try doing a 1000 Page View giveaway thingy...since there probably won't be such a momentous event for a looong time (10,00? 5,000? Maybe?). 

I feel like I'm not as active on DA as I should be. D: There are still so many cosplay photos I should finish editing / going through and upload! My dear friend and photographer also said he would support my dream to get all my costumes photographed before I leave for France and Japan this summer so I hope to have many more in the future! >:3

~Heart Warming (!?) Confession Time~

I'm really, really, really insecure Cosplay has been a way for me to sort of fight against that (even though it still makes me feel insecure //slaps). So to have Watchers and people look at my cosplays is really touching. It inspires me to continue even if I'm not that great and it is a frustrating hobby sometimes ! * ^*
But I have been doing a lot of research lately so I think I can only continue to improve! So for all of those who have cosplayed with me (making dreams come true! >:O ) or taken my photo, and to all the Children, thank you, and Congratulations! (Ometedouuuuu!)
Since this will be my last year cossing before a looong hiatus, going full-throttle and cossing so many things with all of you (even if many of you never go on DA, lol) has been such an amazing experience...I have never had more fun at cons meeting awesome people and getting to do cosplay with's what keeps me going through the angst. xD


Anyways, whoever is able to take a screenshot of the 1,000th view page (or closest to it) will receive a special prize from me~! Or if I take it, then I don't have to give anyone anything, lol. xD What's the prize? Win to find out~! ;)

Looking forward to many more memories as I try to become a better cosplayer and model! ><

Thanks, everyone! ^-^
Please look out for me at Anime Boston, too!

Day II: Trey (YuGiOh Zexal)
Day III: Nice (Hamatora)

^Both of which are ending/over this week //sad...

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I seriously thought AB was next weekend...shit.

I have two huge homework assignments to finish for next that's going to be this week's project, evidently. ._. <-- Appropriate use of the Duc face.

Well, on the other hand, I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to AB! And now, despite many people canceling on me and having to arrange and re-arrange plans over and over again...I finally took the leap of faith, am going, and, as long as all my homework gets done, should have an awesome time! D:<

In any case, please look out for me there if you go~ I couldn't go all 3 days because I really can't afford to miss that (CURSED) Friday class again, so I'm leaving afterwards.

I'll be cosplaying...

Day II : Trey (YuGiOh Zexal)
Day III: Nice (Hamatora)

Since I for some stupid reason thought it was next weekend...there's no way for me to have my DPad finished by then...which makes me a sad Trey. xDD Guess I'll shoot for Anime Expo! * ^* ...or at least my photo shoot. My friend did finish my Chronomaly deck, though! SO D-D-D-D-DUEL ME! 
I will have also Nice done! >: D No matter what it takes! (I kind of freaked out when I ran out of black fabric but my dad saved me thankfully~).

Also, had a KuroMomo shoot over Spring was really fun! I will hopefully have some cool stuff from that to post soon~ ^,^ It was certainly interesting wondering around a half-empty campus in cosplay. It was kind of cold, too. Hoping to do a few other Kuro shoots in the future (with our whole group for both Seirin/ect. and Teikou). I also managed to get our photographer addicted to the anime, lol~

We also might be working on a secret project involving Bokurano soon. I'm super excited!

In final's pretty much set that I'm going to AX. Have a shiz ton of cosplays lined up with some awesome cosplayers...a new group that I've recently found myself in, but I'm really excited since they're all amazing people and cosplayers. *u*

I'm also working on a super secret cosplay which I'm very, very, very, very, VERY VERY *V*E*R*Y* excited for, if you get my drift. xD Please look forward to it! :D

Hope to see you at AB~ (If I survive this back to homework! >:< )
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So, I've finally done the one thing I swore I'd never do.

Get addicted to Tumblr.

Okay, well, I'm not /addicted/ yet, persay. But I do have a blog now! It's terribly newbish. The username is the same as this one: .

Since I am a very "Whatever, I do What I Want" person, I'll probably post whatever I want to as well, haha, which is most likely a mixture of anime rants and costest selfies cause what else is my life?

Anyways, if you are on Tumblr, you should say hello. I want to connect with all my con friends on there <--- #1 reason for getting Tumblr)

Also, I've been in an incredibly-addicted-to-videogames mood lately. Augh! Not healthy for my school life. At all. Thank God Spring break starts next Friday, and since I'm stuck alone on campus trying to save money I will probably be in a dark corner gaming and catching up on anime all day. Other than Hamatora, Samumenco, and Wolf's Rain (our weekly series) it's been foooorever since I've watched anime. I can't even go to club any more because I've been so busy catching up with school work after Katsu / getting sick. And tonight I've just been filling out application after application for various things. @,@ aaaaaaaaahhhh -Starbuck sighs-

But enough complaining, cause yeah, videogames have become my life. I notice that I do that...go through random phases (like Nov-Dec it was all anime, Jan is was all manga, Jan-Mar has been all videogames). I don't understand how people can do it all at the same time. Maybe if I was a housewife or HimoHimoHimoHimo or something (Arakawa reference, anyone?).

I started by replaying some of my old Phoenix Wright games to get the new one and askdalksdakjsdkjasd I've fallen into the fandom pretty hard, haha. And now I'm playing Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al Revis, which is an Atelier game (you know, that series with the cute moegirls Rorona and Totori and all them?), and though no one's ever heard of it IT'S SO DAMN GOOD I'm infatuated with everyone. xD And now the freaking Stick of Truth is on pre-order and I nearly cried when I saw that was out since I've been waiting sooo long for this. Plus I want to re-play Odin Sphere, Person 3 (Cause Q!), and if I ever get the money then hop on the Bravely Default bandwagon. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH! ; ^;. Will I ever finish my Ludicrous playing of FE: Awakening? Will I ever get to the second gym on Pokemon? Will I ever jump into the Zelda fandom after they did that free game promo thingy?

Well...only Spring Break can help me find out. ; ^; xD Hahahaaaa....ah...

Now back to school work. //drowns
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That title will never get old with me, lol.

So Katsu 2014 is now over! Wow! @ ,@ In a lot of ways it was my most stressful con in a long time, but it was also a lot of fun. I was also able to somehow fit in all my cosplay, so that was amazing. Since I was a derp and didn't have time to do it, here was my end lineup anyways:

Day 0 =
-Sweet Lolita

Day 1 =
-"Probably" Alice (Are You Alice?)

Day 2 =
-Trey / III (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal)
-Eren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)
-Rorolina Frixell (Atelier Rorona)
-Apollo Justice (Ace Atourney: Apollo Justice)

Day 3 =
-Tetsuya Kuroko (Kuroko's Basketball)

Getting to do all those cosplays with people was amazing! I got to meet some great new people, too, which was lots of fun! So I'm definitely glad I got to it, even though there were a lot of struggles! Because of the huge snow storm we weren't able to do our Suisei no Gargantia photo shoot on the beach, so we're saving that for Spring and I will do my best to make our costumes even more awesome! >:O
Other than that, we took a lot of photos, including making my dream of a Titan shoot in the snow come true~ = u=~//
Should be uploading them eventually, but still have some many photos from the past to put up, too, lol. xD

I am hoping to do another photo shoot for one of my newer costumes this weekend, too! I don't know which yet, but since I am on a con high I hope we can do it, lol. There are many con adventures stories this year, especially with the snow storm and everything, so it made sure we certainly had an interesting time. Doing panels was also a bit stressful but ultimately rewarding, I think. No lines for registration, got to meet even more people and get their interest, share knowledge, and interact with the fandom! So I don't regret it at all! And I'd definitely panel again in the future!

Next convention will indeed be Boston Anime. I am so excited! I will be taking it a bit easier on the cosplay, lol, especially since I can't actually go all three days because it's too much class to miss... U,U;;; (especially since my teacher moved the new extra class to this Saturday! D: It just had to be a con weekend! ; ^; ). So I think I will work on making the D-Pad full version of Trey and finishing Nice from Hamatora. ;)

I hope someone will recognize me! xD It's a really good anime that has just come out. You should watch it!

And finally, my friend will be helping me set up a (legit) tumblr and Facebook page this weekend, so maybe I can meet more people that way and keep in touch with those I see at cons. ^-^ I'm excited~
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So been crazy prepping for Katsu lately...

Not only am I trying to finish cosplays, but I also want to bring some stuff to give out since it's Valentine's Day weekend. ^,^ I have some prototypes done but I wanted to make some to go along with the characters I'm cosplaying. We'll see how it goes... 0,o

I'm also trying to get together stuff for my panels! It's really exciting and a bit scary at the same time. I wish I could watch anime while I work on cosplay but it's hard unless it's in English. ; ^;

On top of that been re-reading / re-watching a lot of stuff since I've noticed that I tend to plan my cosplays out so far in advanced that by the time I actually wear them I've forgotten about the character / series and can't really act them out well. U,U;;; <--- SHAME

So for our Kuroko no Basuke group I've decided to go back and finish reading the manga. I was surprised to see how pathetically little I read of it the first time around...but it's really good! No idea if I'll get through all the chapters by Katsu on top of everything else (and hooomewoooork), but I'm really enjoying it. ><

Guess there's a little bit of the sports fan in all of us. Besides, I like to watch sports sometimes! I think watching the anime would be better since the artwork is (admittedly) prettier and the action sequences clearer, but the manga is the original and it's just faster this way. >,>;;

Been fangirling over stuff so hard though lately, haha. I guess that's good, since I'm about to be cosplaying it @,@ .

If anyone's going to Katsu you should let me know! And if you see me, say hi! I'll surely have something to give you in return. ;)
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ALA ended up being a great con, in the end, as always...though there were a few twists and turns. ><

Although I love the con and met so many great people there this year and got some fantastic photos taken by some really sweet photographers...there were a few incidents that made me a little disappointed. On the first day my badge was stolen from me. On the second day someone stole my friend's important item. And on the last day someone stole my wallet. I guess the lesson is to be extra careful with your stuff...I think I have a lot of faith in people so perhaps I was a bit careless...but it makes me sad that someone would feel the need to reach into my bag to get my wallet. :(

In any case, all replaceable items have been replaced, and the damage was manageable. Besides, I've been meaning to buy a cool anime wallet for a while now, lol. Though the closest I could find within my price range was a Tsubasa one, I'm excited~ And I still had a great time, overall.

I guess then it would be time for me to gear-up for Katsu!...although I'm afraid about finishing everything in time. ; ^; I can only hope!

At school today we were let out early and then it was announced no classes tomorrow, as well! xD It's my first snow day, ever! It was pretty exciting...since I got a white jacket for one of my closet cosplays my friend and I randomly dressed up and derped in the snow. Probably not the best decision in short-shorts and without hands did suffer, lol. But I still had fun.

Slowly getting in picts for ALA, so please look forward to them~

Other than the nerdy life. Small cosplay event in Philly this Saturday...should be fun. ^,^
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So ALA kinda sorta starts tomorrow. Wow! I feel sorta ready not really, hahaha. I should be putting final touches on cosplay at the moment...but instead I've gotten addicted to Apollo Justice, since I'm cosplaying it soon, lol. I'm really excited for "con season" though! 

So plans got re-arranged and scattered, but it seems like this is the final order:

Day 0 = 
-Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Day 1 =
-Morning: Petra Ral (Attack on Titan)
-Evening: Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

Day 2 =
-Morning: Davesprite (Homestuck)
-Afternoon: Makoto Naegi (Dangan Ronpa)

Day 3 =
-Morning: Ciel Phantomhive (Ciel in Wonderland)
-Later Afternoon: Nagisa Hazuki (Free!)

For now trying to finish cosplay and re-watch some anime for character reference~
Whoot whoot for ALA~!

If anyone is going and they see me, please stop and say hi~ ;)
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I can't believe today is already New Year's Eve (where I am). It's been a really great year, thinking back on everything that's happened since last New Years. 

Even though a part of me doesn't think I've changed at all, the truth is I've probably changed a lot. Maybe that's what they call maturity? 

I probably owe a lot of the best times this year to my friends. Even though we've all been through our individual ups and downs, we can always count on each other to bring our spirits up and talk about the stupidest stuff until 6:00 AM. >< Watching anime together, playing nerdy games, collaborating on's the things I do with them that really colors my life, and I'm grateful for.

So here's to another year celebrating with friends and family! And since Con Season Wave I is coming around the corner...I'm sure I'll have many great experiences cosplaying with all my friends! I'm really excited, we're making dreams come true. xD

And wow...500 page views! I'm honestly surprised, since there are so many more people worthy of having their stuff seen, lol. Well, on DA maybe it's not a lot, but it means a lot to me! It means I can keep trying my best, and others might appreciate my costumes. I have many more photos to upload, so I'll keep working hard! And then over the next couple of months I'll have even more! >< Please look forward to it~

If I ever get 1000 page views, I'll have to do something special. ;)

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  • Eating: Healthily, maybe
  • Drinking: Lots and lots of water @,@

Happy holidays, though with time differences and stuff for some of you I'm sure they are long over, lol. Well anyways, it's a cheery time of year, even if I'm not a huge Christmas person. ><

I got one of the best gifts of all though today from my friend Pretzel! He finally gave me the designs for the chara for our cosplay group! So now I can finally make a Facebook page for us, lol. It should be up in the next couple of days. 

Please follow it if you can!

For the present, I am busy finishing things for ALA. Begun work on 3DMG and it's actually going easier than expected. I'm not panicking...yet. >< Though with the new costume my friend wanted me to wear with him at Katsu I am a little panicked it won't get done on time since I have to commission it. ; ^; Well...we'll see!

Have a great day everyone! Adios~
Finally finals are over! It was such a struggle to end an otherwise nice semester.

So back in Cali and faced with the doom of cosplay finishing. Going material shopping for modifying my SDAT player and making the Titan 3DMG and swords. Don't know how far I'll get on those by ALA but maybe they'll be finished? In any case I hope to get them done as much as possible before heading back, since now my Katsu plans have changed again and I'll be adding two new cosplays. Looks like Lyndis is going to have to be pushed back AGAIN for the third con in a row.......sorry, Lyn. ; ^; (The materials for her outfit sit untouched in my room).

Still trying to wrap my head around how to make Dave's wings. I'll figure it out. Probably. Never had to make a wing harness before (since the one time I did wings they were arm wings not back), so that's a bit stressful.

Today hoping to tackle the boxes for the 3DMG and at least get a base outline on the sword. It would be nice to finish the Izaya knife, too! But we'll see. 

For the next two weeks my life belongs to cosplay. Holiday? What holiday. xD
Random update because why not? (Besides I need to get in the habit of posting I feel if I'm ever going to survive tumblr lol).

Yay! My friends' and my bathing suits for Genderbent Free! came in today and I was really happy everything fit great! Now I just need the wig and to finish making the hair accessories. I also got all the contacts I ordered for this year. It's weird since I ordered literally the exact same contact as before (my blue contacts are my favorite contacts ever, also the second pair I ever bought, and it is only the fear of slowly going blind that forced me to part with them) but the new ones are obviously brighter. I took comparison photos but nowhere to post them lol.

Also got my first purple contacts. I really like them but the color is a tiny bit dark. It'll work great for Ledo since he's...well...kinda an alien and all. I think it'll be okay for Himari (her eyes are also pretty dark) and Izayoi as well. Wow just thinking about upcoming cosplays is so exciting! >< Hard to tell they aren't black without good lighting though. ; ^; 

The last pair I got was my first pink contacts. I was going to wear my red ones for Nagisa but my friend suggested that it'd be too dark, and I agreed, but finding dark pink contacts is kind of...impossible, lol. The ones I got are really cute though and the color pops out great. It definitely gives an overall softer look than the red would have. \O/ Yay!

I still have 50 billion photos to put up but deciding to concentrate on my finals for the time being. Today was the last day of classes and its kind of stressful. I'll probably be dead before my projects are through. @,@

I did manage to aaalllmost finish Gundam 00 (at least season 1). It's heating up so fast *o*. I really really want to cosplay Setsuna one day omfg. I think he was made for me (dark skin, short as all heck, shota, awesome in general, lol). I need to find 2 more Meisters first though! D:< Maybe when I come back from Japan, but already doing Plugsuits and Valvrave so maybe 3 mechs are too many LOL.

Anyways, talk to you all later! So excited for ALA! Whoot!
I am just so depressed right now, after watching the latest episode of Kakumeiki Valrave.

Like...I had a heart. And they took that heart, and squeezed it until it popped into a million pieces.

My friends and I were so depressed we couldn't enjoy anything for the rest of the night and gave up on watching Moyashimon and even Gundam 00 is getting stupid with the Thrones being obnoxious. I just...-HEAVY SIGH-

After Samurai Flamenco started its free-fall into the questionable territory of "where is this show going and will it be enough to redeem itself?" I didn't need Valrave to drop the ball, too!

Or rather, allow its main characters to fail so incredibly hard that EVERY. POSSIBLE. THING. EVER. GOES. WRONG.

I just...

I feel like I need to re-consider life now.
Hello all! 

I need to get more in the hang of writing these things, I guess. Maybe? Yes. So I will start that now, and try not to be too random...?

First of all, the semester's winding down, which means it's almost time for winter break and the long-haul of my cosplay season, lol. Especially since I will be in Japan all next year -crosses fingers-, I am really trying to cram in as many cosplays and conventions as humanely possible...which is probably stupid since I'll want a lot of money abroad but will have spent it all on cosplay...but...oh well. When it comes to cosplay spending I can't think that far ahead, lol. Besides it's not like I'll never be back in Japan!

But yes, my next convention is Anime Los Angeles 2014, and I'm super stoked! :DDD
It very well may be my last California convention (or time in Calfornia at all, for that matter!) for TWO YEARS, so I'm really giving it my all!

We haven't really finalized our cosplay schedules yet, but I am doing a ridiculous number of cosplays including...
*Ciel (Black Butler - Ciel in Wonderland)
*Naegi (Dangan Ronpa)
*Haruka (Free!)
*Nagisa (Free!)
*Davesprite (Homestuck)
*Izaya (Durarara!)
*Armin (Attack on Titan) -Though I might switch to Petra so I can have at least ONE non-cross LOL-
*Tweak (South Park)
*Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

...Wow...just looking at that for a THREE DAY CON is making my head spin. But I'm going to miss everyone soooo much I couldn't resist and offered to join 20 billion cosplay groups (oh no).
But it should be awesome!

After that the next con I will be going to is Katsucon, which is my absolute favorite convention I've been to so far! It will also be my first time paneling, I think, so I'm SUPER excited! I will also be doing some awesome cosplays with some awesome people's really going to be great (if I can finish everything in time...>,>).

In the midst of running around like a dying chicken to get things finished for finals, I've also been challenged to finish several anime before break. RDG as part of my on-going "Finish the Started Spring 2013 Anime" challenge...Attack on Titan (which I think I've forgotten everything for so I'm going to have to start it from scratch before cosplaying it augh)...Tatami Galaxy...the second season of Moyashimon (can't resist!)...and my recent obsession as recommended to me both in our Japanese Pop Culture class and by my good friend and club president, Gundam 00.

Oh my GOD I love the Gundam Meisters so much. The series had a rocky beginning for me but around episode 6 or so it's gotten really good! I just...Setsuna...Augh! I love him. -Shamelessly prepares to add to never-ending cosplay list-

As for this season, the best things I've been keeping up with are Kakumeiki Valrave's Second Season (if you like mecha, Code Geass, Sunrise, seriously need to watch it!) and my FaVoRiTe thing this season, Samurai Flamenco!!! (New episode out tonight AAAAAAAH)
We are watching a few more in club and there's a few more on top of that I plan to finish on my own (Eventually...>,>). But I think it's been a pretty good season so far.

And everyone, WATCH SAMURAI FLAMENCO it's soo good augh.

Anyways...I'm out? TTyL~ ;)
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