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sup? by Sumatnam sup? by Sumatnam
Source: Homestuck
Character: Davesprite
Worn at: Anime Los Angeles 2014

I am totally in love with Dave, lol. I guess I just love how cool he thinks he is while acting so goofy. But Davesprite might be even better. He's all the greatness of Dave with the added angst and orange is my favorite color, haha. Since Davesprite x Jade is my HS OTP, Seb said she'd do Jadesprite with me next ALA.

Well. A year passed. And somehow, we were able to pull it off! I was actually really stressed out about this costume since I was spending so much time working on other things it really got pushed till the last minute (though we had a year to plan it out lol). I think it really paid off, though, and I had a lot of fun! It was nice getting back in touch with the HS fandom and seeing so many people appreciate our costumes. We were some of the only sprites at the whole con, with only a Fefetasprite and Tavrissprite there, too. So all the Sprite love.

The wings were a scary thing since I couldn't find a stapler anywhere I had to glue on the elastic holding them to the dowel. Everytime someone bumped into me it was a mini heart-attack, lol. And of course sprites were last called at the HS shoot. As we were leaving the little circle one last person bumped into me and the wings fell off. Luckily we were getting changed into DR for a different shoot at that point, so it was all okay. I'll just have to staple them if there's a next time. ; ^;.

I had a lot of fun representing a man I love. I felt sooo short though I mean just look at that, lol!

I think I want to do Dave's Hero of Time version next, or maybe John's Godtier, but we'll see. ;)

Davesprite: :iconsumatnam:

Photographed by SK Cosplay.
Edited by SK Cosplay.
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February 28, 2014
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