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the woman has two ovaries
to share the burden
of laying eggs
that will pass
between her legs
each month
in a shedding
in a wearing down

her sub-I
is purely deluded
with grandiose dreams
and overwhelming love
opiates to keep her breathing
to keep her walking

her sub-I
is granted self-aware
to carry on the task
of being there
to be laid bare
to hold sacred mirrors

her not her
her meta-I = his meta-I
and we = meta-I
identity = breath

mirror reflects mirror reflects mirror
the woman has two ovaries

nov. 28 2001

from a late-night conversation with a biologist

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ciudadlejana Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
i recommend you read eve ensler's the vagina monologues if you haven't already ...

Reality is a constant source of pain -- Ana´s Nin
jsenn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2002
(as originally posted I included Ruth as agreeing with me in this comment. Now I am glad you lost my comment because that was too presumptive of me. ;) (Wink) )

I think maybe I will stand over here on the edge, in amazement, watching conjecture and sparkling moments of intelligentsia. Perhaps I am amazed that you as poets, writers and scientists, sit on some higher plane romanticizing "two ovaries" into an element in which all biological, spiritual and emotional life hinges, when understanding the truth is as natural as breathing... but I do love the conversation. Joy
skyOrange Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2001

i understood the first stanza. that's it. i guess if i were of the opposite sex i wouldn't understand any part of the poem. so, lucky me. ;p

without your explanations i'd still be swimming in the meta and sub I's. i'm still grasping your philosophy..

sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
in response to keen's:

"consider this... that our only purpose in life is to propagate our own copy/sequence of dna. love/life/meaning ----> meaningless."

oh, but consider this: even so, if we [the sub-I's] are here for the sole purpose of DNA replication, it hardly matters. the sub-I's have been given the gift, or distraction, of being able to dream and love, and hope and "find meaning" in their life. that is what matters to the sub-I.

is the truth selfish procreation, or the selfish pursuit of truth? (the sub-I vs. the meta-I)?

consider this again - that both these are true, because the sub-I and the meta-I exist on different "planes of reality". their purpose is both true, both only subtly relevant to the other (the DNA cares not what we dream of, as we care not what the DNA is doing), and both are entirely dependent on the other to exist.

/now where is my cosmic pyramid?
btrsweet Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
your poems continue to inspire me - with their depth and elegance..

somnambulist Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
Very deep in a sexual way.

Fella, the deviantART Mascot + This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs! = jark is NOT the Unabomber, I swear it!
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inennui Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001
I will mention:

Vagina The Monologues
MattSpire Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2001  Professional Digital Artist
i think, quite honestly, that you are the most innovative poet i have seen on this site... the very idea of this, the concept.. it is not so much inspirational to me as it is a reminder that i am yet behind the great work of so many .. and so many great poets.. i suppose that in itself is somewhat inspirational...
noize Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2001

my meta-I is my navel

keen Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001   Writer
to my favorites list
;) (Wink)

step into the slipstream: id=99040
keen Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001   Writer
again i taste the singular exotic tea of mari and my pupils

this is terrific work mari... consider this- that we could be thought of nothing more than carriers of selfish dna. our only purpose in life is to propagate our own copy/sequence of dna. love/life/meaning ----> meaningless.

step into the slipstream: id=99040
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001
sexual, intellectual, enigmatic and feminine. :D (Big Grin) mirror reflects mirror reflects mirror.

sometimes i am hesitant to answer comments, for the commenters sometimes appear to have given the poem greater depth, or a hundred more facets than what it had intended to offer.

but here, i will expound (is that even a word?)

the late night conversation actually consisted, among other things, of me discovering that my two ovaries took turns producing eggs. there was an unmistakeable aftertaste to this discovery ~ that i wasn't aware of my own functionings, and that it hardly mattered, for i preoccupied myself with my "grandiose dreams" and "overwhelming love".

the "sub-I" is actually what our society would consider the "real-and-only-I". but in the larger scheme of life, the individual may only be a real illusion (:D (Big Grin) ) to carry on the inevitable message of the meta-I. i couldn't decide if this meta-I is DNA, or life itself. yes, a subject for another poem perhaps.

maybe that will clear up what:

"her not her
her meta-I = his meta-I
and we = meta-I"

means. i allude to the convergence / amorphous morphing (?) of identities as the DNA pattern replicates itself in slightly variated, yet resonant forms. we are the meta-I, but the sub-I prevents this awareness - yet the sub-I enables the meta-I to be.

ouch. huh?

"identity = breath"

is the statement i make about the DNA's emergent result of identity, or even just sentience ~ that enables its carrier to be preoccupied with love and dreams as it replicates (the reflection of sacred mirrors).

lustrum Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2001   Writer
"her not her
her meta-I = his meta-I
and we = meta-I
identity = breath"

i agree with it all. except for "identity = breath," i can't say i agree with that, though i cant say i disagree because i'm not sure what you mean there. i can assume, and with my assumtion id have to say my opinion differs - not to say it is right, however. so, what did you mean? :) (Smile)

interesting take, probably was an interesting conversation. and here, again, like i have noted before, there is that same, nearly obscured, sexuality. it is ever-present in your work. there is no mistaking who or what you are: demandingly curious, intellectually stimulated intellectually ( :) (Smile) ), and enigmatically feminine.

if i knew Tagalog, i'd put a witty little sentence in it here...


A labyrinthine tale of God.
meglocrush Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2001
i cant say i know, but i know.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2001
very interesting theme you have here. and your last 2nd stanza, what with the = sign and meta-I, befuddles me just a wee bit.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Dream on... Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
faithwalker Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2001  Student Photographer
You are consistently deep with your subjects and mix them with an elegant intellect.


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