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where it breeds is where it breeds
just a drop, a little shining drop of black
induces germination
which induces termination
of briefly held epiphanies

shame, the mysteries of the THE
have been disclosed to a delirious few
an incredulously inefficient way to care
isn't it, god/s ?

oh... this is far too rich for me
cut the fat
cut the fear
i refuse to live in a THE
inhabited by god/s who design
and take pains to experience pain
do you see?
i vote for beauty
i vote for symmetry

powers of prediction
nov 8 2001

another parole violation.

when i say "live" i do not only mean life defined in biological terms.

this is not a random collection of words, as how i feel my other poems are.

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miss-conception Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2001
i vote for..dreams, without the THE. what comes after, say, the flaws of prediction, of mirrors for clowns, like those you find in a fun house? empty Corona bottles. i reject. i've been walking in the cold, but not because i fear "ugliness".~
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2001
the THE - universe

its about religion

lustrum Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2001   Writer
so this is about a band?

whew, i misinterpreted...

A labyrinthine tale of God.
preacha Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2001

good point

keen Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2001   Writer
omigod meglocrush. ;) (Wink)

ANYWAY, this line was great:
oh... this is far too rich for me
cut the fat
cut the fear

achtung sumalangitnawa, life is about to flood your basement.

step into the slipstream: id=85972
noize Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2001

yeah i vote for symmetry too..

beautiful poem, distant..
meglocrush Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2001
The The was the guise of Matt Johnson, a mercurial singer/songwriter whose music ran the gamut from dance-pop to country. Born August 15, 1961 in London, Johnson was raised in the flat above his father's pub, the Two Puddings, a haven for well-known celebrities and criminals; he also became exposed to music at the nightclubs and dancehalls owned by his uncle, where he saw performers like Howlin' Wolf, the Kinks and Muddy Waters. Johnson formed his first band, Roadstar, when he was 11; at the age of 15, he was hired as a tea boy for the DeWolfe music publishing company, and within three years, he was working in their recording studio as an assistant engineer.

After the demise of the duo the Marble Index in 1979, Johnson formed the first incarnation of The The with synth player Keith Laws; after playing their debut gig opening for Scritti Politti, the group issued its first single, "Controversial Subject," on the 4AD label in 1980. A year later, contractual obligations forced Johnson to issue the LP Burning Blue Soul under his own name; that year, he also recorded as a guitarist with the band the Gadgets, and the The contributed a track to the Some Bizzare Album compilation.

In 1982, The The -- now essentially a Johnson solo project, backed by a revolving coterie of musicians...

it goes on and on, the story of The The is no mystery.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
dreamz13 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2001
This has a nice flow to it. Beautifully written and I like the idea behind it all. Interesting usage of the THE.

8-) (Cool) Dreamz == Reality 8-) (Cool)
hesitation Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
i like it
creates a mood that... i can't explain
it's nice
good job, as usually

Woman by Birth
Bitch by Choice
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