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pick up the G!

they said i can't be me
the me is not for real [for reals!]
"ya ain't got no rhythm
and ya ain't got no style.
ya sing in a single note
music's not worth your while."

ow ow ow that hurts
i said
ow ow ow that hurts

they said i should hit the books
coz' that's what i'm good for
"ya ain't got no melody
harmony's ain't your pie
quit the posin'
music's not your callin"

ow ow ow that pricks
did ya hear me say it
i said
ow ow ow that pricks

they said they can't believe it
she's pickin up that G
"ya ain't got no timin'
your notes will be all a fallin'
draw yer pikchers in th' corner
ya little jackie horner."

wha? wha? what they say?
i can't hear
my G's in my ear
playin some dead melody
stringin off-key harmony
shoot my rhythm's off the floor
i'm groovin
can't hear what they're sayin'

wha? wha? what they say?

aug 6 2001
jsenn asked me if i played cello.
i said i wish!
i play G.
:D (Big Grin)
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skyOrange Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2001
play for me!

(haay. one of my prustreyshens is not getting to hear you play the G. :( (Sad) )

jsenn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2001
LOL, I love it, and that beat got to me and I started readin' in the rhythm and ya mixed a fine thing there. Ah, lol, they should never have said, Mari, you can't do this.....they had no idea, did they, that nobody tells you something is not possible, when it's what you want to do! Mari is a musician, woohoo! ...j♥y

(lol, now I bet they want you to play music all the time, don't they?)
anarcho Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2001   Interface Designer
ow ow ow ow mari!
once again, nice play for words there...
especially the "...yer pikchers in th' corner ya little jackie horner.." part...

peace (=

faithwalker Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2001  Student Photographer
This is too funny! You have a really great sense of humor :) (Smile) I'd love to see more this!

wha? wha? what they say?
:) (Smile)



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