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mental tinga

sometimes my head
contains a bunch of floatsam
floating flecks, undigested shreds
remains of cranial boredom

i try to pick my silly cortex
of morsel thoughts, amnesiac crevices
they cling to a static-charged vortex
coherence vacates the mental premises
and in time, kills my rhyme

now ... complexity ... heteroskedasticity
(yes it's a real word ... what kind of maniac invents a word like that?)
trip to the Yucatan ... one-half I omega squared (oh its Kinetic!)
the forest .. waiting for me ... a wedding on top of the world
coming over me
wonder in most everything I sip


june 26, 2001
tinga - a morsel of food stubbornly stuck between some dental crevice. (Tagalog)
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WarthogDemon Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009   Writer
This is very nice. :hug:
lustrum Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2001   Writer
i keep reading these, thinking "maybe next one i wont comment", and after i finish i have things i want to tell you about the piece, and i cant pass on...

the images near the end were vivid, for reasons unknown. maybe we are seeing the same thing when you speak of the wedding on the top of the world. i love the language you create. i am almost craving more of it. the ghostly solarized stellar words you carve, forth.

Rushing towards singularity.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2001
nakaka-aliw. your skills are really kick-ass.. writing down and finding rhymes for the most complex of words. the poem's like a short trip into your mind. (wedding? hmmm. ~super smile*) now let me do the picking in my own mind..

hungry artistic entity within ..
acid stains.. four-week old sin..
red-orange coloured soul..
non-existent goal.. etOH derivative (cancer!).. toxic plumbum at the tip of my finger..


(hmm. that was fun!)
~licks* mwehehe. kelan tayo iinom ng gasolina?
locussolus Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2001
My head is always filled with flotsam. Its a real pain. heteroskedasticity... but some maniac did invent that word, eh? maybe it was an immaculate conception? when words start inventing themselves... watch out!

nice, nice. later suma.

miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2001
*Lol* the beads of my necklace-d bracelet very quickly tingled shook my brain, mari! heheh

could the mental be tinga-ed in the tinga of elemental mental ally?

the i bet they wouldn't be "cranial boredom" in the horst of your mind. it could rhyme perfectly so if it wants, it does funny little things around your head. yeah, around and inside, curving, sticking, lying, believing, make-believing, complicating, everything.

see now..
i'm humming "top of the world".~
socialtool Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2001
What he said. Heh.
vanai Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2001
Interesting to say the least. The internal rhyming and flow of the poem is very subtle and very nice.
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June 26, 2001
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