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like chocolate
i produce a
sweet luscious void
in him

SLN 1999

graphic coming this summer.
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sakura Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2001   Interface Designer

me neeps more sleep
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2001
huh? i can't believe i left that comment..(awake in sleeplessness)..
anyway, i wanted to say...chocolate is evil. that's how they produce those "sweet luscious "void"" i if you're like chocolate, i'm, like, your biggest fan! :D (Big Grin) LOL
rethan Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2001
:) (Smile) What an adorable poem, reading this one was like picking a sweet morsel from that candy jar in your head, and plopping the sweet delight into my mouth. Gives a new meaning to the term 'delicious' :D (Big Grin)
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001
LOL agrees with sabine~ but before reading his words, i was actually caught between the essence of your "love like wine" and here, you are a chocolatey muse (mousse?)..then i lost what i had wanted to say about that "entrapment" in between the two poems..

i like it, the "void". i thought it made perfect sense, to me anyways, being a big chocolate fan, i had always felt this "void" with chocolates. so, maybe it had "no qualities", this void, which could be why -maybe- we keep filling it (even though one might felt it full, one might never really know if it's ever (ful)filled)..seeing that it is, well, a "void". how do you measure void? oh dear..

/me grabs a bar of milky cadbury~

savis Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
Those words just melt right in to my brain. Greatness!

Pain is inevitable
Suffering is optional
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001
can i melt with you?

(and then i saw lustrum's words.)

i change my mind. i didn't know melting would be that complicated!

rodion Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist

Gusto mo ba yung mga obra ni Jose Garcia Villa? This one reminds me of him for some reason. Next to Byron he is in my list of favorites... ;) (Wink)


jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001
Oh dear, Jordan's post only appeared after I reread this page. Jordan, what...I mean are you feeling okay...what are you feeling anyway. Maaan, you are so funny tonight....LOL

Well, Mari, we have just all relaxed around you haven't we, lolol.
jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001
Okay, so this is a repost also:

Ooooh, a very seductive and appealing poem. Yes, you should have been here at Valentine's Day, this would have been an excellent poem to sweeten the love interests. Precious, loving and enticing words, Mari, I really like this very much.

HA! I must have just met you, Mari. That sounded so formal, didn't it? Yes, now I would probably say something like...

Oh, yeah Mari, how I do like the sound of the words chocolate and him and lucious all in the same short poem. This is definately sweet. ;) (Wink)
lustrum Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001   Writer
heh, strange how i cant decide if "i produce a sweet luscious void in him" is good or bad. "sweet luscious void" is in itself a contradiction... so when i read "in him" i think first, "hm, a warm, sweet, rich feeling..". then i rethink, "no, a void she said, so he is the opposite of my previous statement.. making him not at all like chocolate. .. making the title another contradiction. HM..."

so the title is a contradiction of the contradiction made in the 2nd and 3rd lines (that being that one can not produce a void!) of the contradiction made in the 3rd line (that being that a void has no qualities!) of the analogy made in the 3rd and 4th lines (that being that he was filled with sweet lusciousness, or he was filled with nothingness in guise of sweet lusciousness!) since the feeling is actually nothing like chocolate at all!. whew!

i dont know if i've seen intricacy in such a small bevy of words ever, if not in a very long time.

bravo! interesting indeed.

Rushing towards singularity.
rajivmathur Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2001
:) (Smile)


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