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our next stop is Fullerton
please stay clear of the door
outside sagebrush eucalyptus yarrow
paved over by the new dominant specie - development
the Canyon is astounding
verdant. sliding in between her green
the carriers of DNA
her curves cracked by concrete

above, the blue sky watches
stiff as the faraway mountains
shrouded in mystic smog
their tops furiously reach
for a breath of golden photons

oh those age-old rocks
upon their backs these rails heave
and all the layers, eons
powderblasted in seconds

so i was poor
and i worked harder than anyone here
bloodshed sweatsop tearstained
i deserve
green lawn on the desert
a chill inside my sunbaked stucco palace
alloy carriage pulled by phytocarrion
i deserve all this
i worked harder than anyone else

stunning gold, the fireprone hills
dry and shocking these metal lacerations
and over the coal-lit lights, a web of wires
to power lust for life
or lack of life


"Although we may have depleted the natural resources for future
generations, it's not like we are not leaving them anything at all.
We're leaving capital - in the form of buildings, freeways, knowledge..."

really this is all too much to bear
and so unexciting!
unlike the parade, for Our Heroes
clad in Gold and Purple
Our Swift Agile Giants
everybody wants to be like them

Coastline Custom Pools
Elite Environments
Land For Sale
Reborn Explorer 2002
oil drill
strawberry farm
concrete river
trailer park
shopping cart by the side of the road
sattelite dish on every roof
oleander - dark magenta to white
Deli Beer and Wine
Steady Drift and Whine

The Canyon is gone now.

in Fullerton, the conductor screams into his phone
"Step in or step away! This train is going to Los Angeles - L.A."

june 19, 2000

I was in a train
coursing through a legacy
its meaning drenched in dollar rain
as fashions slip down the drain
no pain all gain

My thought was in a train
In my mind, disdain
And the sewers feed the lotus

(lotus image by ~rethan)

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jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2001
Yes, it is the longest. You should write long more often. It is absolutely wonderful. Your thoughts reiterated, different words, another vision, it begins to blend, become whole, more startling...this one certainly...more startling, these continuous barbs, more startling than simplicity. "The Canyon is gone now." But we knew, we were warned, but we so wanted to raise our children in this gorgeous place and so did they. There is every excuse and no justification. And this is a powerful poem which should be posted at every train stop.
miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2001
my heart screamed...CRIMINALS...
the shriek then drowned, jammed by the explosion of traffic outside, and the door grinds to a shut.."Please beware of the closing doors"..
it's a pity the indents doesn't show. but as usual, i found myself transfixed into your words.~

arboc-suomonev Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2001   Writer
I agree, you can really start to feel traped by the industrial revolution.
Also the line from Creed fits here,
"we stamp our god with in God we trust".
You have a beautiful gift with words,
thank you for letting me read your work.

locussolus Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2001
Flower bed in the dead forest. Swimming pool in the dredged lake. Electric light in the soul-bright.

Is long, so Ill have to read again to really know whats going on.

sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2001
well a bit more explaining:
the download version is a bit better with the indents preserved. this was intended as a piece spoken by different voices.

probably the longest i've submitted here.


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June 21, 2001
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