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fishhooks woke me up from this by sumalangitnawa fishhooks woke me up from this by sumalangitnawa
dreaming excerpts:
a hotel room - preoccupied
money on the table - not mine
a woman floating outside, reading, the pages of her book fluttering in the wind
heavy red drapes flapping
a vortex outside the window
a sillhouette of a man appears before a portal - as he approached i saw he was wearing gold brocade

he let go his pet monster to chase me down. i summoned my own monster and i became a ravenous dog. his pet cowered at my fierce growl. right when i was about to destroy it, it became a little boy. i became myself again. but they both took my compassion and turned it into fish hooks that they used to pierce and slash my skin.

i woke up kicking from this dream and couldn't go back to sleep. so i painted. this is looks a lot happier than the dream was.

watercolor, white pencil, assortment of pens and graphite pencils, copy of econometrics notes.
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kervansaray Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
I love you
Antepli Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2005  Professional
oh that is nice.. btw.. ur avator looks as who u r... am I right?>
alendra Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2003
did something explode?
seraph219 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2003   Writer
my 6 senses thank you for sharing.
euphoriem Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2002
This is so lovely, at first I thought that girl in the picture was flying over hills of red and green but the full view shows her lying down looking at notes, I was going to say I can realte to the dreams of feeling like your flying. Alot of my dreams I am flying away from something or flying over open land, I have never really put this into any of art yet but maybe someday. ANyway, enough blabbering by me, this piece is great!
ciudadlejana Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2002
[ !!! ]

Reality is a constant source of pain -- Ana´s Nin
rajivmathur Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2001

tf. ts. ths.

ammegand Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2001   Interface Designer
i love how you paint on your stuff. :) (Smile)
keen Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2001   Writer
you are


every which way you turn mari in the sunlight, another color leaps into eyes: poetry / painting / music.

fingers never stop because the fabric demands so much variety.

mmm... and weave the calculus of life in there as well...


step into the slipstream: id=96646
skyOrange Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001

oh, wow!
ang sarap titigan, maripot. looks like a yummy dream with all these colors that you used. you were right, the dream as you drew it doesn't look as bad as you described. very nice.

eolhc Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2001
Very very cool,
nice colours
reminds me that I have to start studying again after christmas :( (Sad)
somnambulist Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
One messed up dream. O_o

Sure it meant something though, kinda like this art piece. :) (Smile)

Poo It happens, blame the Kitty-chan
hesitation Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
that's so original.
great idea and style.
damn you are good. Nod

Woman by Birth
Bitch by Choice
locussolus Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
deciphering all the text is near impossible... :) (Smile) i really like this. soft forms, but its a very disquieting image. the red is kinda overpowering.
giantrobo88 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001
this so nice......very fresh and new...great change from the norm here...

thats not a moon its a spacestation!
noize Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001

wonderful how you manage to develop your personal style in depth, how you manage to link your words to a simple but effective work of art, you know what ?,that "no love" is painful like a recent pain, but nonetheless this piece of yours sends me in all kinds of thoughts and feelings i sometimes don't know myself, anyway this one i really like, this is beautiful.

yes this is beautiful.
faithwalker Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2001  Student Photographer
You inspire me! Beyond fine!


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December 20, 2001
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