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father, in a bottle

glass peer in, peer out
or does that care?
where there had been nothing nothing
nothing can be missed
a void is felt when something's lost

this bottle was created
with only an opening that closes
at the opening
a space
that wasn't

bee boop balubop

now false feelings
confusion contusions and conclusions
edgy tear all for nothing
an invented joy
that will carve out
carve out the void
carve out the void
for that

and corrupted by that absence
and seeking something to seek
flies out the window
and everythings the same
as it ever was
but now masked
but now masked

who mourns
for that
which never was?

bee bop balubop

sept 1997
a song, boppity blues style, i don't know.. i wrote the poem first and a while later i was learnig a blues song and messed around witht the music and out came this. (never got to learn the blues.. i'm too unserious for that)

billy: Could you believe in heaven, if heaven was all you had?

well i guess it's the other extreme of what he's saying.

this description is too long
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skyOrange Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2001
your blues blow me away.

*takes mari's hand and holds it.*

jsenn Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2001
I want, so bad, to wait for the Master of
"bee bop balubop" to appear in this little room, cause he will listen and hear and then he will softshoe dance in those three little words, but I couldn'

I thought about it...

And I decided I have to wait for him cause I love the way he says things like that and he will pick those words up and make them dance, and I think that is what you need...

...cause the rest of this feels like standing alone in a deep canyon with only the sound of the wind roaring past, around, in...there is loneliness and longing...trapped, in a deep canyon, alone...
locussolus Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2001
too many words crowding around in my head, I dont know which ones to let out, so Ill just say, its beautiful. and I think I understand (although Ive been wrong twice in a row now...)

faithwalker Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2001  Student Photographer
Great stuff! You amaze me with your writing! Thanks for sharing this!


Constant and Never ending improvement

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July 13, 2001
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