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your vision
it tastes so subtle
so slight
i drink it like wine

the notes
sing of wooded coasts
of frankincense
of forbidden fruit
of dama de noche

i am drunk
and disarmed


in spirit of keen's autumn wine, i upload another wine poem written a while ago.

thanks to rethan for the lotus.

Horns well, i almost got it.

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meglocrush Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2001
i love the way your words fit together. the most beautiful puzzle ive ever seen.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
jsenn Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2001
perspective in another day/evening/night
~~drunk and disarmed~~ :) (Smile)
keen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2001   Writer
a wine that
the tiny spaces
on my rough
a lacquer
a varnish
for my soul.

step into the slipstream: id=99040
skyOrange Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2001

:) (Smile)

hesitation Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001  Hobbyist Photographer
that's so cute

Woman by Birth
Bitch by Choice
teop Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001
ah, wine the drink which mends our fires and strengthens our desires.

subtle taste, wooden coasts, dama de noche.. very nice imagery put together to create a sense of the surreal nature of being drunk, of course for me its not always so great.. send some of that wine my way!
jsenn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2001
Oh, I saw this one night and now I have read it anew. Strange how the daylight changed this beautiful poem for me. I remembered, as I imagined the scents, that I looked through a dragonfly's wing one summer afternoon. I watched a scene from long ago, was it months, it seems like years, and this poem became new to me, and important, in a different sense. It surrounded a "moment" in time which embodied more than "a moment." It gathered a life, several lives, and placed them in a scene, from which each exited as changed. I have often wondered, though it was not forbidden, except outside the iridescent colors of the wing, if in some way they exited drunk from the magic of that moment, for there was no "settling of the stardusted dance" for days, as each rejoiced in the victory of new found freedoms. I have often wondered....Mari, your words just thrill the soul!
faithwalker Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001  Student Photographer
Great poets write alike.

Whats another word for Amazing? :) (Smile)

I was about to write "One of your best" but they are all truly tasty.


Thumbs Up

dreamz13 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001
This poems tastes like a old, fine wine. Gentle to the buds, yet with an alluring aftertaste.

8-) (Cool) Dreamz == Reality 8-) (Cool)
noize Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2001
i feel my heart break, now..
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November 16, 2001
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