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contemplating my abililty to further
ingest, digest
a lunch,
it's remnants soaking the cardboard box with grease
my stomach uneased

unknown to my stale delicacy
a pair of eyes, eyes my fries
slowly landing, on the stone table, hesitating
i made no pretense of not being there
i wondered if he'd dare
what risk he'd take
for ketchup's sake
he might end up as red

without need to offer
he took a long piece of soggy potato
turned his head, as if to say, "Yo!"
and with his blue wings, flew

june first, a day filled with poetic surprises, 2001
as if stepping on a squirming worm, barefoot, wasn't enough [link]

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meglocrush Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2001
ack! first they steal your fries, then what... umm.... something else.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
jsenn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2001
June first? Yikes. But I read this! Geeze, I must have been on my way to WalMart....

I love your poetic surprises! You shared your fries with a bird! If someone had made a bet on whether Mari would allow a bird to alight on the table and take one of her greasy french fries, as he said, "Yo!" (well he coulda') I would have won the wager, because this is exactly the kind of thing I can see you doing...that worm on the other hand. Nah....

So cool!
Give us another poetic surprise!
cooper Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2001
Oh wanna know the worst... when u see people do that to u.. then to the person next to u.. then to a few others, by the time they're done, they have a whole plate eaten, and not paid for.... lol.... It pisses me off too... lol.... nice poem, a great way of lettn off sum steam at those asses... lol LOL

miss-conception Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2001
see, you have this great ability to just turn everything into a neat poem ;) (Wink)

sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2001
heheh! actually it was a bluebird that stole my fry. ;) (Wink)

lustrum Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2001   Writer
i think it's your ability to compose that makes the day full of poetic surprises.
good job

Rushing towards singularity.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
LOL "for ketchup's sake"

maybe i'll keep a copy of this poem in my pocket and read it out loud to the next insect that would attempt to crawl/fly into my lunch.

btrsweet Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001
lol! :P (Razz)

sakura Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001   Interface Designer
ehehe....see..I didn'T understand that too much until vyvyan summarised it...

maybe I would of figured it out if my brain was ON

me neeps more sleep
vyvyan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2001

I hate it when bugs scope my lunch. I really like this. :-) (Smile)
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