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a disclosure in the form of a secret

rest your berries
flat against the creaseless immaculate
say there is no one
say there was only one
bereft and loved

undo a silent longing
pliant cords strung against will
slung against walls
palms dissolving into gloss
there, a footprint of a tired night
succulence reeks of miss

your cheeks, overgrown with weeds?
on this
cream of life
where unspoken vows pirrouette
fall on ashes
regenerate on a wrinkled desecrate
say in all honesty
without self-delusion
say, in words infused with meaning
with a petal blush and a thorny wake

october 8, 2001
see the words
see the words?
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keen Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2001   Writer
undo a silent longing

a simple phase with power. your strength in poetry is the peels of emotion left in uniquely worded phrases. a distillation of energy that forces empathy- this is the gift.

step into the slipstream: id=92319

oiboi Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2001   Photographer
Whoa... i dont really know what to say... that is just incredible...

"where unspoken vows pirrouette"

Oh... i wish i could sound more inteligent and insiteful... but im kinda in awe... excellent work!!!

lustrum Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2001   Writer
whew! quite a poetic ablution.

Rushing towards singularity.
jsenn Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2001
I did not realize. This is the one I saw birthed. And now, as I read it again, my words are inadequate.

It was important, it is more so now. I also didn't realize it is a final paper, like the last leaf blown from the oak tree before it sleeps. It's past and agony and feels like the melting one one's soul, very soul, so much love and loss and depth which cannot contain the regrets, no regrets. Oh my, Mari, the decision was made..."a petal blush and thorny wake spill" and I didn't hear it until now, bless you Mari. These are amazing words which fill me to the brim with enormous emotion for your strength in this and for your life, for regrets, Mari.
sillygirl35126 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2001
see the words be the words...heh heh... LOVE THE WORDS! excellent poem ya got there.

And ye harm none, do what ye will
locussolus Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001
how deep into these words a person can go. there is so much to see.

aos Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001   Interface Designer
wow, too good...i really genuinely love some of the lines in this.

-aos - neg.
faithwalker Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001  Student Photographer
Amazing, I don't use that word lightly. You truly inspire me!

"palms dissolving into gloss
there, a footprint of a tired night"



Fella, the deviantART Mascot

serp Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001
beautiful. i'm not big on comments heheh, that's all i can say. beautiful.

corrodingsun Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001
what i really like about your work is this complete, almost desperately innocent lack of grandeur. it's all so very tiny and unpretentious.

Lazarus Amen
meglocrush Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2001
wow. thats all i can say. im a little drunk. but still. you have the best diction. i swear, you make all the right word choices. this is awesome.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
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