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Wearing black, he held his red book high.
"Marxism" it said, as he walked down the street reading it.
All of a sudden he was carrying a skateboard.
It's not a sin to desire coolness (of course not)
but i hope you brought your helmet.
Me, forehead wrinkled, lost
and maybe a poser, just like you.

sumalangitnawa 2000
[i make no pretenses on humility nor on absolute tolerance]
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southern5footer Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2001
very nice poem... i agree with fuzzy...

Southern Chick: Country Girl, With the City Attitude
fuzzys Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2001
definately not a sin to desire coolness.. i think everyone does, no matter what they say.. some desire it more than others.. thanks, i enjoyed this

babysista Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2001
intellectual poserism. new wave of cool.
have u heard fatboy slim - star 69, btw? u should......


locussolus Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2001
hmmm... in high school I read Marx, or tried to anyways. but I didnt wear a helmet... as you might have guessed.
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July 16, 2001
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