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a sunday afternoon
blanket of laze spread on the grass
moments linger in the lemonade
waiting for answers
they settle at the bottom
with the pulp

old pictures
reconstruction of things past and mostly gone
save for wishes
that our spheres of knowing
may have overlapped
when years were still being wasted
on our youth
struggling with chemicals
buried hope

deep in regress
these poems go
by the third wave it turns for the surface
"i need some air"
the depths
will crush my poet lungs

slowly i rise
breaking the stillness
breaking the wait

yeah one of those days

p.s. chemicals = soda
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meglocrush Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2001
this is how ive felt for a while now. you expressed it perfectly.

(im not as eem as you think i am)
jsenn Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2001
stirred, not shaken, you write poetry which puts the reader in your thoughts, in your imagery (i don't like canned words like imagery, but it seems so appropos to this poem) deep in regress, these poems go, and yet I heard one a few days back which sounded like it'd been written that day. I guess all poetry conjures up a memory for the poet, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. The fact that you were so deeply affected by reading them says a lot about the impressions you remember and they don't seem to be trivial or child like but important and life changing. This is the kind of poetry you write, Mari, always, even in the simplest form, important and life changing.
skyOrange Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2001
easy like a sunday afternoon.
slowly stirred
grasping for words
and wordings.
finding victory.
miss-conception Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2001
o sun, 'twas your day
she fled your lazy heights
and shot through the pulp in flames,
before molecules of your unending supper
stuff her wide and giddy,
counting scaling hours
before the starry space will set.
my dear how she rose and veiled you
like a shiny waterfall.~

. . .
your poetry always has a bloom of effects on me. makes me want to respond to the sensations, mari. the creeping slowness, the hold on memories, the wake, the rise..plenty of real things ;) (Wink)

mastermindg Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
ooh, i was excited at the beginning... hoping for another happy poem to cheer me up, and then it turned from happy to sad.. but i can understand... ive felt those kind of days :( (Sad) nice poem

feeling devious? the mastermind is.........
locussolus Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001
i remember this one. from that quiet day. work to be done. no words get through. but these did.

faithwalker Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001  Student Photographer
Deep, reflective, the vision of one in touch.



umbilikal Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2001   Writer
This poem fit well with the song I was listening to while reading it. Happy or sad? I'm not sure, but I was damn surprised by how well you recreated the feelings and state of mind that everyone has been in at one point.

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